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ISOBUS operational concepts

After long years of experience in the crop care sector the intuitive handling concept of the HORSCH Leeb technology has been optimised, extended and is now successively introduced in the seed drill sector.
The innovative handling concept facilitates the adjustment, handling and monitoring of the machine for the farmer. To meet the individual requirements of the machine operators on handling, the terminal interface can be configured freely.
By means of the software a fully diagnoseable platform was created that can control an almost unlimited number of sections and components.


ISOBUS VariableRate allows for a site-specific application of seed and fertiliser. Thus, with an appropriate application card for every section within a field the optimum quantity of fertiliser and seed can be applied.

Advantages of VariableRate

  • Saving of seed and fertiliser as only the necessary quantity is applied
  • Homogeneous emergence with an optimum number of grains/m²
  • Simple and quick documentation – The different application rates are documented automatically. – Uncomplicated transmission to the acreage index
  • Reduced stress for the driver – Fields are drilled or fertilised automatically with the optimum application rate
  • Protection of the environment – Only the necessary amount of fertiliser is applied