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Unlimited compatibility regardless of the manufacturer and complete precision due to HORSCH ISOBUS solutions.



  • Automatic, GPS-based tramline control
  • Optimised driving strategy near obstacles or on the headlands
  • Track-to-track driving is no longer required
  • Available in combination with the terminal eosT10 Pro

Drill independent of the track rhythm! Whoever creates tramlines today, despite the steering system, normally drives track-to- track – even if skipping every second track would lead to an improved work flow. Tramline errors are frequently caused if the counting of the track numbers continuous unintentionally, e.g. near obstacles on the inside of the field. With HORSCH AutoLine, however, the positions of other tramlines are calculated automatically – based on satellites – after the first tramline has been laid. When seeding, bout markers are no longer required. Every time the machine turns into a track that is to include a tramline, the tramline valves are operated automatically. The function can be only used if the machine is equipped with the eosT10 Pro terminal.


  • Straightforward exchange of data between Farm Management software and terminal
  • Structured working as orders are created in advance
  • Application rates can be defined in advance in a site-specific way on the PC and can easily be transferred to the terminal
  • Use of order data for the documentation after the work has been completed

Via ISOBUS TC, data (e.g. application maps) can easily be transferred from the PC to the terminal via an USB flash drive. It is also possible to transfer order data (application rates, cultivated area etc.) that were recorded while sowing from the terminal to the PC and to use it for the documentation in the farm management software.


  • Section control for several products in one pass
  • Site-specific regulation of the application rate for several components independently
  • Available in combination with the terminal Touch 800 ISOBUS resp. Terminal Touch 800 ISOBUS

The application of several components in one pass is already a common practice in many sectors. Due to MultiControl, you can use all of the advantages of the ISOBUS functionalities like VariableRate and SectionControl also for several components at the same time.


  • Saving of operating resources by avoiding overlaps
  • Even population development
  • Productivity increase in various conditions and relief the driver (day and night, fog)
  • Reduced environmental burden

Reduce overlapping and gaps with the automatic section control system SectionControl. Whether sowing or applying crop care products – optimise the application of your operating resources by maximum precision. With multi-part component technology, due to MultiControl, section control can also be used for several products at the same time (e.g. seed and fertiliser).