Targeted loosening, targeted fertilisation, targeted sowing

Focus TD

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Prodotti Seminatrici Lavorazione a strisce | Focus TD

Three passes in one - this is possible with the HORSCH Focus: loosen, place fertiliser, sow

The TerraGrip tine loosens, places the fertiliser precisely at the set depths and thus allows for perfect plant growth.

  • Loosen, place fertiliser, sow in one pass
  • Row widths of 30 cm for rape and of 15 cm for cereals are possible
  • Variable depth placement of the fertiliser deposit
  • Selection of various loosening tines

The Focus TD stands for the consistent further development of the StripTill approach. Points like the targeted loosening below the seed row in combination with the focused fertiliser placement were realised with well-proven components and combined with the well-known Pronto seed drills. Due to the targeted loosening below the seed row, a perfectly loosened root area is created where a fertiliser deposit can be placed in addition to create a loosening effect for the roots. Due to the loosening effect, the plant is considerably more drought resistant because it can grow considerably faster and more efficiently put down deep roots.

  • Sowing of harvesting crops with deep loosening of the soil and a targeted placement of fertiliser in one pass
  • Due to the loosened root area, the conditions for the tap-roots are optimum
  • Can be used directly after the combine without any previous tillage
  • ULD coulter for deep loosening without mixing effect
  • LD/LD Plus point for deep loosening with mixing effect thus allowing for moisture to enter the germination zone


Working width (m)3,004,006,00
Transport width (m)3,002,982,98
Transport height (m)3,353,353,70
Length (m)9,009,8410,40
Axle load (kg)4200 - 50006500 - 74008400 - 10300
Vertical load (kg)1000 - 14001600 - 20001900 - 2500
Weight (kg)5800824010000
Hopper capacity double hopper (l)3500 (2100 l : 1400 l / 60 : 40)5000 (2000 l : 3000 l / 40 : 60)5000 (2000 l : 3000 l / 40 : 60)
Dimension of feed opening (m)0,60 x 0,90front 0.66 x 1.22 / rear 0.66 x 1.68front 0.66 x 1.22 / rear 0.66 x 1.68
Filling height double hopper (m)2,952,952,95
Tyre size support wheels15.0 / 55-1715.0 / 55-1715.0 / 55-17
Tyre packer size210 / 95-24 AS210 / 95-24 AS210 / 95-24 AS
Tyre packer Ø (cm)100100100
Number of tines101420
Tine spacing in one row (cm)60,0057,2060,00
Tine spacing (cm)30,0028,6030,00
Frame height (cm)757575
Release force (kg)630630630
Rebound travel (cm)262626
Number of seed coulters10 / 2014 / 2820 / 40
Row spacing (cm)30,00 / 15,0028,60 / 14,3030,00 / 15,00
Coulter pressure (kg)15 - 12515 - 12515 - 125
Seed coulters/press wheels Ø (cm)343434
Operational speed (km/h)6 - 106 - 106 - 10
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp)150 – 220 / 200 – 300180 - 260 / 250 - 350220 - 330 / 300 - 450
DA control devices222
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar)111
Oil quantity hydraulic fan (l/min)35 - 4535 - 4535 - 45
Implement attachment lower linkCat. III – III/IV – IVCat. III – III/IV – IVCat. III – III/IV – IV
Implement attachment adjustable drawbar---Ring hitch Ø 58–79 mmRing hitch Ø 58–79 mm
Implement attachment ball head---K 80K 80


HORSCH Focus TD 3-point Focus 6 TD 3-point Focus 6.35 TD 3-point Focus 6.50 TD 3-point Focus 6.75 TD 3-point
Working width (m) 6.00 6.00 6.00 ---
Working width with TurboDisc seed bar (m) --- --- --- 5.63
Working width with Maestro RV (m) --- --- --- 6.00
Transport width (m) 2.98 2.98 3.47 3.30
Transport height (m) 3.70 3.70 3.70 3.45
Length incl. coulter attachment (m) 10.60 10.60 11.08 10.60
Weight incl. coulter attachment (kg)* 9 500 9 500 9 500 9 500
Weight without coulter attachment (kg)** 8 400 8 400 8 400 8 500
Hopper capacity double hopper (l) 5 000 (2 000 : 3 000 l / 40 : 60)
Dimension of feed openings (m) front 0.66 x 1.22 / rear 0.66 x 1.68
Filling height double hopper (m) 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95
Tyre size lateral support wheels 15.0 / 55 – 17 15.0 / 55 – 17 15.0 / 55 – 17 15.0 / 55 – 17
Tyre packer size 210 / 95 – 24 AS 210 / 95 – 24 AS 320 / 70 – 24 AS 210 / 95 – 24 AS
Tyre packer Ø (cm) 100 100 100 100
Number of tines 20 17 12 15
Tine spacing in one row (cm) 60.00 70.60 100.00 ---
Tine spacing (cm) 30.00 35.30 50.00 37.50
Number of tines reduced --- --- --- 8
Tine spacing tines reduced (cm) --- --- --- 75
Cutting discs number / Ø (cm) --- --- --- 8 / 50
Frame height (cm) 75 75 75 85
Release force (kg) / trip height (cm) 630 / 26 630 / 26 630 / 26 550 / 29
Number of seed coulters 20 / 40 17 / 34 12 / 24 15 / 30
Row spacing (cm) 30.00 / 15.00 35.30 / 17.60 50.00 / 25.00 37.50 / 18.75
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 5 – 120 5 – 120 5 – 120 5 – 120
Seed coulters / press wheels Ø (cm) 34 / 32 34 / 32 34 / 32 34 / 32
Working speed (km/h) 6 – 10 6 – 10 6 – 10 6 – 10
Power demand (kW/hp) 220 – 295 / 300 – 400 220 – 295 / 300 – 400 220 – 295 / 300 – 400 165 – 270 / 225 – 370
DA control devices 2 (resp. +1 for Maestro preparation kit, hydr. depth adjustment disc harrow section) 2 (+1 resp. for Maestro preparation kit)
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1 1 1 1
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min) 35 – 45 35 – 45 35 – 45 35 – 45
Lower link linkage Cat. III – III / IV – IV Cat. III – III / IV – IV Cat. III – III / IV – IV Cat. III – III / IV – IV
Adj. drawbar linkage Ring hitch Ø 58 – 79 mm Ring hitch Ø 58 – 79 mm Ring hitch Ø 58 – 79 mm Ring hitch Ø 58 – 79 mm
Ball-type linkage K 80 K 80 K 80 K 80
3-point linkage coulter attachment Cat. III / III Cat. III / III Cat. III / III Cat. III / III

* Weight with minimum equipment with tine section 2-row and coulter attachment without coulter extension
** Weight with minimum equipment with 2-row tine section WITHOUT coulter attachment


LD point/LD Plus point

Point options for all situations

  • Especially for deep cultivation up to 30 cm
  • Little mixing effect
  • Transports very little clods to the surface
  • Transports wet soil into the germination zone
  • Perfect for incorporating straw
  • Optional with carbide coating

The LD/LD PLUS point is ideal for deep loosening with a little mixing effect. The point loosens excellently at a depth of 30 cm deep, transports only little clods to the surface and in dry conditions takes moisture from below into the germination zone.
For wear-intensive soils the point is optionally available as LD Plus version with carbide coating for a maximum service life.

ULD point

Point options for all situations

  • Especially for deep, non-mixing loosening up to a depth of 30 cm
  • Special shape protects the tine shaft
  • Soil is broken in three dimensions (laterally and toward the top)
  • The steep point back does not transport any soil to the surface
  • Point is divided in two parts so that the main wear part can be replaced independently of the point back

Another step is the HORSCH ULD point that due to its shape does not bring clods to the surface, but only loosens deeply.

Tyre packer

  • Targeted, even levelling and consolidation in front of each seed coulter
  • Efficient consolidation below the seed horizon for better water distribution towards the seeds
  • Large tyre diameter reduces the horsepower requirement
  • High operational reliability in different soils due to large tyre diameter
  • The middle segment of the packer also is used as transport wheels for road transport

The large tyre packer is responsible for a precise consolidation of the area that has been cultivated. Only if the cultivated area is optimally consolidated and if there are no hollows in the subsoil, the grain can germinate quickly, and the roots can grow downwards in an undisturbed way.

TurboDisc seed coulter

The third generation guarantees a headstart in the field of seed placement

  • Double disc coulter
  • Creates a precise seed furrow
  • Press wheel-controlled (5 cm or 7.5 cm wide)
  • Uniformer prevents the grains from bouncing
  • Inside scraper prevents blocking and clogging of the coulters
  • Coulter pressure up to 125 kg via rubber torsion
  • Designed for precise seed placement at high operational speeds
  • Allows for an even and safe emergence

A perfect embedding of the seed and an immediate seed-soil contact are important for a safe and even emergence. HORSCH perfectly copes with the challenge to achieve this objective even at high operational speeds. The solution is called TurboDisc. The double disc coulter that has been used and constantly developed further by HORSCH for more than 20 years excels due to its precise seed placement. The press wheel-controlled coulter design allows for a quick following of the soil contours at high speeds. Thus, the set placement depth can be kept up for every single grain.

The double disc seed coulter with a maintenance-free bearing opens the soil and thus allows for an undisturbed seed placement. The integrated Uniformer ensures the fixing of the seed at the bottom of the seed furrow even at very high operational speeds. A carbide coated scraper keeps the space between the discs clean and thus prevents clogging even in sticky and wet conditions. The 5 cm or 7.5 cm wide press wheel then ensures an optimum seed-soil contact and an exact depth control.

In addition to the excellent following of the soil, the TurboDisc seed bar excels due to the easy operation: with regard to their adjustment, coulter pressure and seed depth do not influence each other. The maintenance-free rubber bearings of the seed coulters transfer a coulter pressure of up to125 kg and thus guarantee a smooth coulter – up to an operational speed of 20 km/h. Furthermore, the rubber bearing serves as an overload protection and a shock absorber for stones.

Additional Features

Fine metering insert kits

The solution for microgranular compounds and fine seeds

  • Perfect for microgranular compounds and fine seeds
  • Seed rates of 1.5 kg/ha to 60 kg/ha
  • Can be used in every machine with a pressurised hopper
  • Fine metering insert kit includes:
    • A drive shaft with four possible drive pinions
    • Three rotors with different sizes
    • Individual spacers depending on the drive shaft

The HORSCH fine metering insert kit for standard metering devices for a precise application of microgranular compounds and fine seeds. The fine seed kits consists of the following components:

  • A drive shaft with four possible drive pinions
  • Three rotors with different sizes
  • Individual spacers depending on the drive shaft

Due to the possibility to replace the drive rotors of the drive shaft by spacers and to select rotors of different sizes, you can meter between 1.5 kg/ha and 60 kg/ha (depending on the operational speed, working width and half-width options). The simplicity and flexibility of the components open up new possibilities for every HORSCH machine with a pressurised hopper. Whether Partner, MiniDrill, Pronto, Focus – the kits are compatible with all machines.

MiniDrill G&F

High efficiency due to three components

  • Capacity: 400 l
  • Application directly into the seed furrow
  • Can be used for seed or fertiliser/micro-granular compound
  • With fine seeds, efficiency can be increased enormously
  • Possibility to apply up to three components

With regard to the equipment of the MiniDrill, HORSCH offers two different options. The MiniDrill G & F version serves as a third hopper for seed. When sowing rape, the efficiency of the machine can almost be doubled. The MiniDrill with a capacity of 400 l, filled with rape seed, allows for filling both large hoppers (2 000 and 3 000 l) withgranular fertiliser. Thus, you can quite easily reduce filling stops and gain valuable time for sowing.

MiniDrill PPF

Three components on three horizons

  • Capacity: 400 l
  • PPF version is equipped with it's own fan and distribution tower
  • Application of micro-granular compounds, underseed or slug pellets
  • Possibility to apply up to three components
  • Extremely variable – up to three components can be applied on three horizons

The MiniDrill PPF is the second option. In this case, the MiniDrill is used to take micro-granular compound, underseed or slug pellets along. This optional third component is applied via baffles on the surface of the soil. This MiniDrill version is equipped with its own fan, and its own pneumatic system with separate distribution tower and a baffle in front of every seed coulter.

The option of placing three different components precisely in three different seed horizons makes the Focus the perfect catch crop seed drill. Via the tine zone you can for example place field beans deeply, the seed coulters can drill vetches on the normal seed horizon and via the baffles you can apply grass or clover.

The placement of catch crops in the optimum seed horizon, the application of micro-granular compound or slug pellets as well as the option to sow underseeds show how variably the MiniDrill PPF can be used with the Focus TD.

HORSCH SingularSystem

Focus on the individual plant

  • Singulation of cereals combined with a perfect placement precision due to the Funck metering device, the skid and the press roller
  • Quick and flexible adaption of the singulation pockets depending on the crop and the seed rate
  • The perfect distribution in the seeded area allows for an optimum water and nutrient supply of the plant and thus reduces competition.
  • Easy switching between Funck metering device, bypass or stainless steel tube depending on the seed quality, the seed rate and the crop

The HORSCH SingularSystem is the ideal technology for the singulation of cereals and for precision seed. With a similar design as the well-proven TurboDisc coulter, it is additionally equipped with an integrated skid and a height adjustable catching roller. The skid forms the seed furrow and ensures a precise placement of the seed. The catching roller guarantees a defined seed placement and an optimum seed-soil contact. To guarantee an undisturbed and exact mechanical singulation of the grains, regular size and clean seed is required. In conditions with higher seed densities or for seeds that cannot be singulated, e.g. coarse-grained legumes, the SingularSystem coulter can be equipped with the bypass that is included in the delivery or for extremely high seed rates with a stainless steel drop tube and can then be used as a “normal” seed drill without singulation. For both versions, a more precise seed embedding is achieved due to the skid and the catching roller.

Advantages SingularSystem seed coulter:

  • The design of the seed coulter and thus the main features like the coulter pressure of up to 125 kg are identical to the well-proven TurboDisc coulter.
  • The well-proven double discs open the seed furrow. The integrated skid forms the seed furrow and ensures a precise placement.
  • A height adjustable catching roller allows for a defined placement of the seed and creates an optimum seed-soil contact.
  • Behind the catching roller the well-known press wheel closes the furrow and carries out the depth control of the seed coulter.

Requirements on the seed:

  • To guarantee an undisturbed and exact mechanical singulation of the grains, regular size and clean seed is required.
  • By means of the HORSCH shaker box, you can easily determine if the seed is of regular size and thus suitable for the system.
  • The grains should basically be in the second or the third chamber of the shaker box.
  • If the grains are in the first or last chamber, this seed is not suitable for singulation (in this case you can use the bypass system).

Singulation principle:

  • Design of the central metering unit and the pneumatic system it is identical to conventional seed drills.
  • The singulation of the grains is carried out by means of the Funck metering device on the seed coulter with up to 100 grains/sec.
  • Singulation is carried out mechanically by crop-specific pockets in the singulation disc of the Funck metering device.
  • The desired seed quantity in grains/m² and the thousand-seed weight are entered in the terminal.
  • The calibration test is carried out according to the known process.
  • Every singulation disc is driven by an electric motor (1 000 - 2 000 rpm), monitored by the software and regulated by the software automatically depending on the operational speed.
  • Depending on the seed quantity 1, 2 or 4 pockets can easily be inserted in the singulation discs without any tools.
  • Different pockets are available for wheat, rye, barley, rape and peas.
  • The seed is led to the seed furrow via the drop tube.
  • From an agronomic point of view, it makes sense to use the system up to a seed density of 250 grains/m². Beyond this limit there are only little singulation benefits.
  • In case of high seed quantities, unsuitable seed or the application of catch crops, you can sow conventionally with the bypass system that is included in the machine delivery or with a stainless steel drop tube.