Shuttle 8000 L

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EFFICIENCY IS NOT ONLY PRODUCED IN THE FIELD Minimum idle times during the filling process and an efficient transport of operating supplies guarantee maximum performance

Shuttle 8 000 L


What are the excelling features of the Shuttle 8 000 L?

The HORSCH Shuttle makes others shine. With a one-shot procedure exactly one filling is transported to the location of the application. Depending on the farm structure the performance of the plant protection sprayer increases considerably. You do not have to schedule time for road transport and for the induction process. The large pump of the Shuttle guarantees that the transfer process is carried out within a few minutes and, after that, when preparing the next shot, provides the time that is necessary for the correct induction of the different mixture components.
The specially arranged baffles ensure the surging forces on the truck are reduced and there is perfect balance that is due to the separate fresh water tanks at both sides guarantee a soft and smooth driving behaviour even at highest speed.
Dirty machines can easily be cleaned in the field with the attached high-pressure cleaner.

Efficient operating processes

Working peaks and a tight time frame require high efficiency in every single sector. Large distances between the fields, high application rates or long induction times reduce the output of the plant protection sprayer. Inevitable idle times increase the costs and at the same time reduce the time for the optimum application. With the Shuttle 8 000 L everyone can focus on the respective core competence and the machines perform in the sector where they have their assets.
While the Shuttle currently increases the capacity on farms with high work peaks, it will play the major role in plant protection in the future. The introduction of the autonomously operating plant protection sprayers in separates areas outside of public roads and busy infrastructures has to overcome con­sid­er­ably more obstacles than the required feeder solution. The Shuttle is the first practicable interface between the part of plant protection that is controlled by Man and the part that is controlled by a computer.

With a clear conscience

Agricultural operating resources require high attention. If you are in direct contact with them or if you transport them in sen­si­tive surroundings, you need a tech­nol­ogy you can unconditionally rely on. Easily understandable signs and level indicators guarante a safe use.



HORSCH Shuttle Shuttle 8 000 L
Weights and measures
Length (m) 4.65
Width (m) 2.53
Height (m) 2.50
Transport height (m)* 3.76
Dead weight (kg) 2 140
Tank content (l) 8 000
Fresh water tank (l) 800
Pump output (l/min) 3 000
Requirements on the hydraulic system of the truck
Required hydraulic output (l/min) 80
Max. admissible system pressure (bar) max. 200
Depressurised return flow (bar) max. 5 bar back pressure and hydraulic filter with a filter msh of 25 µm
Requirements on the electric system
Electric connections 15-pole plug according to ISO12098

* The transport height can differ depending on the truck model