Exact and quick stubble cultivation with 3-point linkage

Joker CT

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Prodotti Lavorazione del terreno | Joker CT

Strengths of the Joker

  • With 3-point linkage the working widths range from 3 to 7 m
  • Produces high quantities of fine soil within the germination zone
  • Efficient consolidation in the germination zone
  • No problems with long residues and shallow cultivation. High clearance because of mountings in pairs.
  • Improved operational results with increased speed
  • High working performance with little draft requirement
  • High working speed in general
  • Good penetration with aggressive, serrated discs and maximum machine weight
  • In combination with the deep loosening device Mono TG: deep loosening and shallow mixing with the Joker CT
  • Available in 3, 3.5 and 4 m (rigid version) working width
  • In combination with the optional Vogelsang ExaCut kit the Joker CT is ideal for incorporating organic fertiliser / liquid manure.

In which working conditions does the Joker perform well?

  • Shallow and fast stubble cultivation for quick germination of lost grain, interrupting capillary and ensuring incorporation of straw
  • Effective seed bed preparation after plough or cultivator
  • Incorporation of long straw and difficult residues (cover crops, corn stubble)
  • Smooth incorporation of organic fertilisers (manure, cover crops)

Joker CT

Precise and quick stubble cultivation

The Joker is ideally suited for shallow stubble cultivation to stimulate the germination of volunteer crops, to interrupt capillarity, to mix in harvest residues and for a shallow seed bed preparation. It produces a high ratio of fine soil in the germination horizon and is resistant to high amounts of straw, organic fertilizers or catch crops.
The compact disc harrow Joker CT is available for 3-point linkage. Operational speeds up to 20 km/h allow for a high hectare output.
A 1-bar deep loosener Mono TG is available as an additional option for the Joker 3, 3.5 and 4 CT rigid. It is particularly suitable for the use on heavy sites where the soil has to be loosened deeply and the harvest residues, however, only have to be mixed in a shallow way.


Innovative and reliable

Your advantages include

  • High clearance because of mounting the discs in pairs
  • Good contour-following qualities and effective stonerelease system with maintenance-free rubber suspension
  • Long intervals of exchanging parts
  • Maintenance-free and low-wear disc bearings with permanent lubrication
  • Good penetration into the soil with aggressive, serrated discs and maximum machine weight
  • Excellent crumbling of the soil due to fast turning discs with a diameter of 52 cm
  • Stable disc angle through wide disc mountings, with no side play
  • Surface-hardened discs for minimum wear in hardest conditions

Joker CT

Always a trump card in your hand

  • Shallow and intensive mixing stubble cultivation
  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Simple handling
  • Solid design
  • Various packer versions of all types of soil



HORSCH Joker3 CT3.5 CT4 CT4 CT rigid5 CT6 CT7 CT
Working width (m)3.00 3.50 4.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 
Transport width (m)3.00 3.50 2.954.082.952.952.95
Transport height (m)1.90  1.90 2.80 1.90 3.25 3.70  4.00 
Length (m)2.50 2.50 2.90 2.50 2.90 2.90 2.90 
Length incl. Mono TG (m)3.70 3.70 ---3.48---------
Weight (kg)*1 600 – 2 6001 800 – 2 8502 400 – 3 100200 – 3 4002 800 – 3 500300 – 3 9003 500 – 4 550
Weight incl. Mono TG (kg)2 300 – 2 6002 500 – 2 850---2 900 – 3 400---------
DiscSystem-diameter Ø (cm)52525252525252
DiscSystem disc size (mm)6666666
Number of DiscSystem discs24283232404856
Disc angle (degree)17171717171717
DA control devices0 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)0 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)1 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)0 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)1 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)1 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)1 (+1 with hydr. depth adjustment)
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp)65 – 90 / 90 – 12075 – 100 / 100 – 14090 – 120 / 120 – 16090 – 120 / 120 – 160110 – 150 / 150 – 200130 – 175 / 180 – 240205 – 260 / 280 – 350
Horsepower requirement incl. Mono TG (kW/hp)from 140 / 190from 160 / 220---from 180 / 245---------
Number of tines Mono TG56---8---------
Tine spacing Mono TG (cm)6059---50---------
3-point linkage Joker CT3-point Cat. II / III3-point Cat. II / III3-point Cat. III / IV3-point Cat. II / III3-point Cat. III / IV3-point Cat. III / IV3-point Cat. III / IV
3-point linkage Mono TG3-point Cat. III3-point Cat. III---3-point Cat. III---------

* Weights of the machines with minimum / maximum equipment


HORSCH Joker liquid manure version 4 CT* 5 CT* 6 CT 7 CT
Working width (m) 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00
Overall length (m) 2.30 2.30 2.40 2.40
Weight with liquid manure mounting without packer (kg) approx . 2 480 approx . 3 000 approx . 2 900 approx . 3 350
Number of outlets 16 20 24 28

* Only available with packer


Packing systems

Versatile for optimum results

DoubleCage packer

  • Double packer for an even finer surface
  • Oscillatingly suspended
  • Combination of a 400-mm-wide tubular cage drum and a 300-mm-wide flat bar roller
  • Exact depth control

FarmFlex packer

  • Closed hard rubber packer
  • All-over consolidation
  • For light and medium soils

RingFlex packer

  • Can be converted into a packer for wet conditions
  • High clearance
  • Closed contour, therefore relatively resistant to stones
  • High operational reliability

SteelDisc packer

  • Deep consolidation with compact soil surface
  • Good crumbling quality with cutting packer rings
  • Optimised scrapers ensure good performance
  • Good performance in heavy and stony soils

Tyre packer

  • All-over consolidation with an even consolidated surface
  • High levelling capacity due to tyres with AS-profile
  • Reliable operation even in stony soils

Cage drum roller

  • Leaves a fine-crumbly surface
  • Exact depth control
  • Flexible operating conditions

    RollCut packer

    • Excellent, deep consolidation
    • Leaves a good surface structure
    • For medium and heavy soils

    RollFlex packer

    • Deep consolidation with loose soil surface
    • Good levelling qualities with levelling tines
    • Self-cleaning qualities without scraper
    • Good all-round performance

    RollPack packer

    • Steel ring roller with a diameter of 55 cm
    • Deep strip consolidation
    • Flexible conditions of use

    Additional Features

    MiniDrill Accurate efficiency for catch crops and Greening

    The MiniDrill is a completely new HORSCH development. The hopper capacity is 400 l and is equipped with the well-proven metering unit of the Pronto. The seed is injected directly into the distribution system. It is available for all Joker CT.

    To guarantee an excellent lateral distribution there are six evenly distributed outlets in front of or behind the packer for 3 m machines and twelve outlets for 4 m working width upward.

    Joker CT liquid manure version

    Due to the lower weight, the disc harrow is also ideal for mounting on a liquid manure tanker.

    The compact design and driving without a packer allow for clogging-free working even with high seed rates and in wet conditions.

    The depth control of the machine is carried out via the large front support wheels.