Schaumbaugh Farms, Illinois

TJ uses the HORSCH Maestro 2430 SW for corn on both conventional and organic farms, and the Avatar 40.10 SD  for beans and cover crops. He recently upgraded from a Joker RT32 to a Joker RX40, which is used in both spring and fall.

TJ has owned the Maestro for 6 years, planting 34,000 seeds/ac at a 2" depth, with 8 gal/ac of UAN 28 and 4 gal/ac of ATS, at 6-7 mph. The Avatar, which he has owned for 3 years, is used for beans, wheat, and cover crops. The Joker is used on all 3,000 acres every year.

TJ says, "The machines are extremely reliable, with great maintenance and transport. Using tracked Caterpillar tractors, the machines match the width perfectly. The biggest difference with HORSCH is that their family uses these machines to farm, and it shows—they're built for farmers."

Top Features:

Maestro 2430 SW:

  • Large fertilizer capacity
  • Active down pressure on the RowUnit

Avatar SD 40.10:

  • Easy setup
  • Precise seeding depth and rate in both conventional and no-till

Joker RX40:

  • Fast operation
  • Perfect for incorporatio cover crops

Adjustable from the cab