This is a small insight into the farming in North America. We asked customers what their operation looks like and how HORSCH helped them achieve or even exceed their goals.

Since 2001 HORSCH is part of the farming industry in north America and has come a long way, from the first high speed disc on the north American continent (Joker) to the first high speed planter (Maestro SX L). Whether it's globally tested machines customized for the North American market or machines developed in the USA, the HORSCH product portfolio delivers many new features and innovations in agricultural machinery.  

Brent Michael, Windy Lane Farms, Central Indiana

Brent utilizes the HORSCH Maestro 2430 SX L, featuring 24 rows with 30" spacing, a Meet Brent Michael from Windy Lane Farms in Central Indiana!
 Brent utilizes the HORSCH Maestro 2430 SX L, featuring 24 rows with 30" spacing, a 1000-gallon liquid tank, and 140-bushel seed capacity. Operating at 3300 seeds per acre, 2 1/4 inches depth, and 12 mph, Brent achieved high-speed, precise planting. He planted for approximately 9 hours, covering 670 acres across 6 fields, averaging 74 acres per hour.

John Plenge, Plenge Green Farm, NE Missouri

John utilizes the HORSCH Avatar 40 SD, equipped with two 83-bushel tanks and maintenance-free SingleDisc openers.
Last fall, he seeded 400 acres of wheat with a population of 1.2 million seeds/ac, along with 100 lbs/ac of DAP fertilizer (46 N & 18 P). This spring, he has seeded 1500 acres of beans so far, with a population of 44 lbs/ac and a seeding depth of 1 1/4" while going 7.5 mph.

Brooks Breymeyer, Breymeyer Farms, Illionois

Brooks utilizes the HORSCH Maestro 3115, equipped with 900 wide tires, and the Joker RT. This is the first season for the Maestro, while the Joker has been in use for a while.
Brooks farms 2000 acres and does custom work, with a 50/50 split between corn and beans. So far, the Maestro has been used for beans only, planting at an average rate of 150,000 seeds/ac at a depth of 1 3/4 to 2", and an average speed of 8 mph. The Joker is used in both fall and spring for tillage. 

TJ Schambaugh, Schaumbaugh Farms, Illionois

TJ uses the HORSCH Maestro 2430 SW for corn on both conventional and organic farms, and the Avatar 40.10 SD  for beans and cover crops. He recently upgraded from a Joker RT32 to a Joker RX40, which is used in both spring and fall.

TJ has owned the Maestro for 6 years, planting 34,000 seeds/ac at a 2" depth, with 8 gal/ac of UAN 28 and 4 gal/ac of ATS, at 6-7 mph. The Avatar, which he has owned for 3 years, is used for beans, wheat, and cover crops. The Joker is used on all 3,000 acres every year.

C & Rademacher, Rademacher Farms, Illinois

Charlie and Matthew use the HORSCH Maestro 3620 SV with seed lock wheels and in-furrow rear liquid nozzles. They farm 750 acres of no-till and 1750 acres of conventional land, with a 50/50 split between beans and corn.

For corn, they plant at a variable rate between 34,000 and 44,000 seeds per acre at a depth of 2 to 2 1/2 inches and 7.5 mph on conventional acres, and 6 mph on no-till acres due to the trash wheels. For beans, they plant at a population of 120,000 per acre at a depth of 1-2 inches and at 8.5 mph.

Patrick McGregor, McGregor Family Frams, Iowa

Patrick and his family farm 3000 acres with a 60/40 split between corn and beans. They also manage a feedlot with 1000 cattle and around 100 cows.
Patrick equipped the Maestro 1630 SX L with a spiked and rubber closing wheel and uses the in-furrow fertilizer setup. He used the Maestro to plant all their corn in mostly strip-tilled ground. He planted the corn at a depth of 2" while going 7.5 mph in the strip-tilled ground and up to 10 mph in the worked ground. He set the population to 34,000 seeds/acre and used 3-5 gal/acre of 6/24/6 starter fertilizer. For the beans, he set the population to 140,000 seeds/acre and planted them at a depth of 1 1/4".