Targeted loosening, targeted fertilisation, targeted sowing

Focus MT

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Products Seeding technology | Focus MT

Range of use

Rape seed and row crops in row seeding with a row spacing of 35 cm

  • One TurboDisc / TurboEdge coulter follows in the middle of a TerraGrip tine
  • Guaranteed closure of the rape seed row despite a larger row spacing
  • Large row spacing for row crops like for example rape or beans that are sown in rows
  • At a loosening depth from 10 to 35 cm the conditions are ideal for rape seed as all compactions are removed, the root area is almost free of harvest residues and nutrients are placed in a targeted way.

Depth of the fertiliser placement is variable

  • Under excellent sowing conditions the placement of fertiliser at working depth allows for a targeted supply of the lower topsoil with fresh nutrients.
  • In years with difficult sowing conditions (humidity, low temperature) a 50 : 50 placement can support the early growth of the crop in a targeted way and the root can be “attracted” downwards.

Sowing cereals with a row spacing of 17.5 cm

  • Two TurboDisc coulters follow one TerraGrip tine
  • Narrow row spacing for crops like for example wheat and rye
  • A TerraGrip tine loosens the soil in the middle below two plant rows and places the fertiliser deposit there (in variable depth)
  • Roots grow into the loosened strip in an optimum way and are able to reach the fertiliser deposit that has been placed there
  • Disc levelling in front of the packer guarantees an even seed horizon
  • Loosening depth is adapted to the previous crop in an optimum way

Focus MT as a fully-fledged tillage tool

The basic design of the Focus MT is based on the well-proven concept of the HORSCH Tiger MT. The first tool is a 2-row heavy disc harrow for a maximum crushing of harvest residues and an intensive mixing, followed by two rows of tines for intensive loosening and precise fertiliser placement. The disc levelling unit efficiently levels the surface in front of the RingFlex or tyre packer. The Focus MT can be used in all crops and harvest residues. The frame height of 85 cm guarantees maximum clearance for working without cloggings.

Focus MT with springs crops (maize, sunflowers etc.)

Can be used without coulter attachment for autumn tillage. Perfect loosening and mixing for the following spring seeding. In addition, it is possible to create targeted fertiliser depots for maize, sunflowers and soybeans. Due to the tine spacing of 35 cm it is suitable for all row systems with 35 and 70 cm. The major advantage of a fertiliser placement in autumn is that the sensitive soils do not have to be cultivated deeply in spring, but that the effect of a targeted depot fertilisation can still be used to full capacity.

Focus MT

Well-proven Focus concept for highest hectare output

What are the excelling features of the Focus MT?

  • Fully-fledged tillage tool
  • High clearance with a frame height of 85 cm
  • Targeted fertilisation in a depot
  • Loosening depths up to 35 cm
  • Compact transport dimension – width: 3 m, height: 4 m
  • Can be combined with a coulter attachment for tillage, fertilisation and seeding in one pass
  • Use of well-proven components from the HORSCH tillage and seed drill range

Machine features

  • Corrosion-resistant plastic hopper
  • Pressurised hopper for high application rates per hectare
  • Large tyres for maximum soil protection
  • Full integration of hydraulic and ISOBUS functions

The seed wagon SW is available for the Pronto SW in 2 versions with a total capacity of 12 000 / 17 000 liter.
SW 12000 The double hopper of the SW 12000 is separated into two chambers with a capacity of 6 000 liter each. The two chambers allow for applying seed or seed and fertiliser.
SW 17003 The seed wagon 17003 is separated into three chambers and has a total capacity of 17 000 liter. The individual chambers have a capacity of 6 500 liter / 4 000 liter / 6 500 liter and can be used for all solid components (fertiliser or seed). In practice, two different fertilisers are often used with one seed.



Working width (m) 7.00 
Transport width without / with SW 12000 (m) 2.97 / 3.00 
Transport width without / with SW 17003 (m) 2.97 / 4.00 
Transport height Focus 7 MT (m) 4.00 
Transport height SW 12000 (m) 3.67
Transport height SW 17003 (m) 3.62
Length without / with SW 12000 (m) 10.91 / 18.07
Length without / with SW 17003 (m) 10.91 / 18.61
Weight Focus 7 MT without seed wagon (kg)* 13 800
Weight seed wagon SW 12000 (kg)** 3 500
Weight seed wagon SW 17003 (kg)** 5 060
Hopper capacity 2 components (l) 12 000 (6 000 liter / 6 000 liter)
Hopper capacity 3 components (l) 17 000 (6 500 liter / 4 000 liter / 6 500 liter)
Dimension of the feed openings (m) per 0.99 x 0.72 (SW 12000)
Dimension of the feed openings (m) per 0.60 x 0.90 (SW 17003) 
Filling height (m) 3.62
Tyre size support wheels side 400 / 60 – 15.5
RingFlex packer Ø (cm) 60
Number of tines 21
Tine spacing in one row (cm) 70
Tine spacing (cm) 35
Frame height (cm) 85
Release force (kg) / trip height (cm) 630 / 26
Number of seed coulters 21 / 42
Row spacing (cm) 35.00 / 17.50 
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 5 – 120
Seed coulters / press wheels (cm) 34
Working speed (km/h) 6 – 10
DA control devices 4
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1
Adj. drawbar linkage Ring hitch hitches-Ø 60 – 70 mm
Ball-type linkage K 80

* Weight Focus 7 MT with steered tongue, TurboEdge seed coulters, single RingFlex packer and disc levelling
** Weights SW with minimum equipment


TurboEdge coulter

Sowing into the open furrow

What are the excelling features of the TurboEdge coulter?

Ideal for sowing rape and beans with a row spacing of 35 cm.

Assets of the TurboEdge coulter

  • Intensive clearing of the harvest residues in the seed furrow
  • Optional embedding of the seed grain with a guaranteed soil contact
  • Perfect depth control by integrated press wheel at seed body
  • Optimum complement for sowing with the Focus when the preparation intensity was low