HORSCH Fertiliser Systems

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HORSCH fertiliser systems

Grain & Fertiliser

The G & F system allows for simultaneously applying seed and fertiliser as a contact fertilisation. Both metering devices meter into a common distribution tower. Thus, seed and fertiliser are placed together in one furrow. The fertiliser is directly available to the plant, thus contributing to a fast early growth. This system should only be used in the appropriate climatic conditions and upon consultation of a plant production expert.

PPF system – economic and precise placement of fertiliser

The PPF system allows for a simultaneous application of seed and fertiliser. Via separate fertiliser coulters the fertiliser is placed only a few centimetres below the seed furrow in wet soil. By placing seed and fertiliser separately, large quantities can be applied in dry conditions. The fertiliser depot can be used by the crop in an optimum way and stimulates the roots to grow downwards.