• Horsch product image- Disc seed Drill Pronto 6 AS: Universal seeding technology for all conditions

Pronto AS

Flexible HORSCH seeding machine

Pronto AS

Perfect transportation on the street due to the chassis integrated in the frame

Advantages of Pronto AS
  • For precise sowing after plough, mulch sowing or direct seed
  • The Pronto AS achieves high speeds while maintaining the exact seed placement due to its unique packer. This is due to a very good levelling effect with high clearance. Thus, the forming of waves is effectively prevented
  • Our packer concept is a prerequisite for a good crop emergence in wet and dry conditions
  • Turbo Disc seed coulter with uniformer for a  considerable clogging reduction and exact seed placement
  • Can be combined with Maistro 8 RC
  • Chassis with brakes for improved roadability
  • Easy handling due to central adjustment of the seedbed-preparation unit and the packer-seed unit        
  • Uniform planting depth over the entire field due to predefined depth difference between packer system and coulter
  • PPF system for exact fertilizer-depot placement below the seed rows
  • 6 m working width
  • Power demand starting at 130 kW / 180 HP
Distinguishing Features of Pronto AS
  • Large-volume seed waggon with seedbed preparation tools and 3-point linkage frame
  • 2-row DiscSystem for the production of fine earth at high working speeds
  • The scraper between the packer tyres has decisive advantages in wet conditions as its large clearance allows for a uniform consolidation over the entire working width
  • The coulter pressure adjustment guarantees an even emergence in changing conditions
  • Low dead weight
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Designed for high output and best sowing quality
  • Optional: Can be equipped with the HORSCH SingularSystem with the Funck metering device
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  • Horsch Pronto AS: Large tyres  (800/40-26,5/12 TR), low draft requirement and reduced soil pressure
    Large tyres (800/40-26,5/12 TR), low draft requirement and reduced soil pressure
  • Quick and simple exchange of implements
  • High capacity seed wagon that can be combined with different implements
  • Precision planting with fertiliser placement

Pronto AS

Precision planting with fertiliser placement

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HORSCH Pronto AS 6 AS          
Working width (m) 6,00          
Transport width (m) 2,95          
Transport height (m) 4,00          
Length (m) 9,50 (- up to end of coulter) / 10,50 (incl. bout markers)          
Weight from (kg)* 7 880 / 9 000 (incl. PPF system)          
Seed hopper capacity (l) 3 500          
Hopper capacity, double hopper (l) 5 000 (40:60)          
Hopper capacity (l) micro-granular unit (l) 250
Dimension of feed opening (m) 1,00x2,40 (single hopper) / each 0,66x2,45 (double hopper)          
Filling height, single hopper (m) 2,70          
Filling height, double hopper (m) 2,95          
Seed coulter pressure (kg)/PPF coulters 40/20          
PPF-coulter pressure (kg) 5-120 / - max. 200          
Seed coulters/press wheels Ø (cm) 34/32          
Row spacing (cm) 15          
Seed Wagon tyres 800/40-26.5/12 TR          
Tyre packer Ø 78 cm - 7.50/16 AS          
Working speed (km/h) 10-20          
Power demand (kW/hp) 130-185/180-250          
Double-acting control devices 3 (each + 1 for filling auger, coulter pressure adjustment, crossbar)           
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1          
Oil quantity, hydr. fan (l/min) 20-25 (single hopper), 35-45 (double hopper)          
Oil quantity, low-pressure hydr. fan Maestro RC (l/min) 25          
Linkage seed bar 3-point linkage 3-point Cat. II / III
Lower links tool hitch Cat. II / III – III – III / IV
Adj. drawbar linkage Bolt Ø 40 – 50 mm          
Ball-type linkage K 80          

*Weights of the machines (minimum equipment) with single/double hopper and PPF system


  • Pronto 6 AS Horsch Abbildung Seitenansicht