Titan UW

Power of impact in a new dimension

Titan UW

34 m³ minimize dead times

Advantages of Titan UW
  • Auger waggon with teleskopic axle discharge capacity of 18 t / min
  • Hopper capacity of 34 m³
  • Ideal for multiplying farms due to the easy discharge of residues
Distinguishing Features of Titan UW
  • The hopper capacity corresponds to one entire truck load
  • The threshing efficiency is increased by up to 30 %
  • Integrated weighing system
  • Teleskopic axle for soil protection
At a glance
  • The new HORSCH auger waggon Titan UW stands for harvest efficiency in a new dimension. It has inherited the genes of the first HORSCH auger waggons and raises them to a completely new technical level.
  • Due to the large hopper capacity of 34 m³ idle times on the field boundaries and awkward manoeuvring are part of the past. The hopper capacity of the UW corresponds to one truckload. A truck is thus filled at one go.
  • The output of the newly designed hydraulically foldable auger conveyor (ø 600 mm) is 18 tons per minute – corresponding to gigantic 1 000 tons per hour. Thus, 34 m³ are reloaded in only 90 seconds. When driving on the field, the auger can be folded in and rests safely in a support. In driving position, the folded auger does not overlap at any side. The width when driving on the road, then, is below 3 m.
  • The Titan 34 UW has a telescopic axle as standard equipment. It moves every tyre to the outside by 30 cm. This increases the width of the machine from 3 to 3.56 m. Thus, stability is increased and soil pressure reduced as the tyres of the auger waggon do not run in the tractor tracks. Another soil-saving means are the large-dimensioned tyres (900 / 60 R 32). To guarantee a maximum contact area, power tracks are available as an option.
  • Moreover, there are an integrated weighing system, a pneumatic (and hydraulic) brake system and a clearly visible display of the opening situation of the auger conveyor slider. From the drawbar platform a ladder leads onto resp. into the waggon. Inside the waggon there are steps on the auger to climb inside for cleaning or maintenance works.
  • Abbildung Horsch Titan UW
  • The output of the newly designed auger conveyor is 18 tons per minute – corresp. to gigantic 1.000 tons per hour.
  • Increased stability and soil-saving due to telescopic rear axle.
  • The Titan UW stands for harvest efficiency in a new dimension.
  • Due to the optionally available power tracks ground pressure is reduced.

Titan 34 UW


  • Abbildung Horsch Titan UW
HORSCH Titan 34 UW 34 UW          
Length (m) 8,26          
Chassis options Tyres 900/60 R 32 / power tracks 2,56 m x 0,91 m          
Telescopic axle Tyres only / track-laying gear not possible          
Transport width, tyres 900/60 R 32 (m) 3,00          
Transport width power tracks 3,50          
Machine width telescopic axle extended (m) 3,56 ((tyres 900/60 R 32 only))          
Transport height (m) 4,00          
Hopper filling height, side / centre (m) 3,48 without tarpaulin / 3,60 with tarpaulin          
Transfer height (m) 4,60          
Total weight empty starting from (kg)* 7 440          
Rear axle load (kg) 5 820          
Front towbar load (kg) 1 620          
Tank capacity (m³) 34          
Hydr. foldable auger Ø (mm) 600          
Transfer output tons / min 18          
Universal joint shaft tractor 1 3/8" - Z 6,  1 3/8 - Z 21,  1 3/4 - Z 6,  1 3/4 - Z 20          
Double-acting control devices 4          
Adj. drawbar linkage Bolt Ø 50-55 mm          
Ball-type linkage K 80          

*Weight of the machines with movable telescopic axle



  • Abbildung Horsch Titan UW


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