Shuttle 8000 L

Minimum downtime and efficient transport

Shuttle 8000 L

HORSCH logistics solutions for liquids

Shuttle 8000 L
  • Minimum downtimes by shortened filling times
  • Efficient transport of agricultural products
  • DryMate clutch
    DryMate clutch
  • Induction area
    Induction area
  • Horsch product image  - Rotary pump
    Rotary pump - Power 3000 l/min
  • Adaption for trucks
    Adaption system for trucks

Shuttle 8000 L


HORSCH Shuttle 8000 L      
Length (m) 4,53      
Width (m) 2,50      
Height (m) 2,52      
Transport height (m) 3,76      
Dead weight (kg) 2 140      
Hopper capacity (l) 8 000      
Fresh water 800      
Pump output (l/min) 3 000      
Requirements to the truck hydraulic system      
Required hydraulic power (l/min) 80      
Max. permissible system pressure (bar) max. 200      
Depression return line (bar) max. 5      


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