Efficiency is not only produced in the field

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EFFICIENCY IS NOT ONLY PRODUCED IN THE FIELD Minimum idle times during the filling process and an efficient transport of operating supplies guarantee maximum performance

Shuttle 10 000 F


What are the excelling features of the Shuttle 10 000 F?

The HORSCH Shuttle convinces due the compact design, high efficiency during the filling process in the field and precise metering. The divisible container allows for the closed transport of two different goods and for their separate discharge. On demand an electric control of the metering slide is available.
Augers affect the transferred goods considerably in a mechanical way and often reduce the quality significantly. The conveyor belt protects seed and fertiliser and can be discharged completely due to the moulded drivers.

Maximum flexibility

Whether fertiliser as a starter dose has to be taken to the field, seed and fertiliser have to be transported to the seed drill or if the Shuttle temporarily is used to quickly transport crops from the field – flexible use is the key.
Due to the standardised coupling points at the truck the Shuttles can be exchanged randomly and can be mounted / dismounted with little effort with a forklift or a telehandler. All functions of the basic machines remain the same.
The tilting function and the funnel-like design guarantee the complete discharge of the container. Insertable grid sieves guarantee the quality of the goods that have to be transported. The large conveyor belt excels due to the variably adjustable discharge height as well as due to the high discharge capacity.

  • Minimum idle times
  • Strengthens the respective core competence
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Safe transport, simple use
  • Universal use
  • Standardised and predestined for one-shot procedure



HORSCH Shuttle Shuttle 10 000 F
Weights and measures
Length (m) 6.70
Width (m) 2.51
Height (m) 2.78
Transport height (m)* 4.00
Dead weight (kg) 2 960
Tank content (l) 10 000
Conveyor output (t/min) approx. 2
Requirements on the hydraulic system of the truck
Required hydraulic output (l/min) 80
Max. admissible system pressure (bar) max. 200
Depressurised return flow (bar) max. 5 bar back pressure and hydraulic filter with a filter msh of 25 µm

* The transport height can differ depending on the truck model