365 FarmNet


HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Products Intelligence | FillAssist

As a 365 FarmNet customer you can use the function HORSCH FillAssist in your 365 App. As soon as a planned plant protection measure is selected in the App, the required spraying chemical quantity and the required number of tank fillings for the job will be calculated depending on the tank size of your plant protection sprayer. So you always have the necessary information for filling your sprayer with you on your tablet. You can select or deselect plots from the scheduled measure and the calculations are adjusted automatically. Worked fields can be marked and partial areas can be entered. Thus, the remaining required spraying mixture quantity for the whole job and for the currently worked field are updated and displayed. For the next tank filling, whether full or only partial, the mixture quantities are displayed so that they do not have to be calculated in the head or with a calculator.