Intelligent solutions for even more precision

The machines of the future communicate actively and HORSCH Intelligence allows for it. With intelligent software and electronic solutions HORSCH machines work even more efficiently and help you to save money and nerves. Saving of operating resources, constant work quality, relieving the workload of the driver – you, too, can benefit from our ISOBUS licenses.

Terminals – you can choose between

  • Terminal Touch 1200 including ISOBUS-TC, Track Leader II and SectionControl
  • Terminal Trimble GFX 750 withTrimble Nav 900 receiver
  • It is also possible to use different external terminals (not ex factory).

Control centre

  • Comfortable external control terminal for all necessary functions
  • Distinct symbols mark the suction side, the four pressure outlets as well as the filling (see p.10).
  • Several functions can be controlled at the same time, e. g. filling sluice and intensive agitator
  • User-friendly surface of the induction tank
  • Even more comfort: all essential functions like “Fresh water switching” or “Inside cleaning” can be controlled from the cabin.
  • The level is measured electrically, and the system switches off automatically as soon as the pre-selected level has been reached.

Parallel Tracking

  • Uses corrected GPS signals
  • Identifies position of the machine and shows this information on the display
  • Laying of a track system by means of an AB line that supports the driver with regard to finding the track
  • Recommended for pre-emergence treatments without track markings

GPS-controlled SectionControl

  • Savings potentials: Due to less overlaps on the headlands the savings on agents amount to up to 3 %.
  • A division into up to 42 sections is possible.

Order management

  • Order management and the use of application maps via ISO XML files are possible



  • In addition, the Leeb VL can be equipped with an automatic steering.
  • A mounted and configured Trimble steering system incl. a GPS receiver is available ex factory and can comfortably be controlled by means of the ErgoControl armrest.
  • Free CAN-bus interfaces are available for different automatic steering systems

Vehicle display

  • In the vehicle display all of the important chassis data are clearly arranged, e. g. speedometer, suspension position and steering angle, outside temperature, diesel level etc.
  • The display details automatically change between field and road mode.
  • Important functions like cruise control, spring position and steering are adjusted by simply navigating with a modern push-turn control knob and are shown in the display.
  • The key assignment on the joystick of the ErgoControl armrest can easily be adapted and individualised.
  • The intensity of the filter for the Cat. IV filtering can be adjusted in the submenu Cabin Filter
  • The settings for the headland management can also be adapted in the vehicle display in the a-column.

The ErgoControl joystick – a control lever for all important functions

  • Ergonomic control lever with integrated buttons to control the most important spraying functions and to activate cruise control and the headland management
  • Softbuttons the functions of which can quite simply be selected via the vehicle display
  • Intuitive driving with the joystick at the ErgoControl armrest:
    • Increase speed: push control lever towards the set direction of travel
    • Reduce speed: push control lever towards the opposite direction of travel
    • Reverse: push control lever to the left
    • Headland management on / off: push control lever to the right
  • This is a unique feature among self-propelled sprayers: changing between accelerator pedal and joystick without switching – practical and intuitive!

On the joystick

  • Sprayer main switch
  • Switch sections on / off
  • BoomControl on / off
  • Lift / lower boom
  • Adjust boom-slope compensation
  • Cruise control selection
  • GPS steering on / off
  • Softbuttons

On the armrest

  • Rear axle steering on / off
  • Manual rear axle steering
  • Automatic slope control
  • Optimised suspension on slopes
  • Ladder up / down
  • Transport position of the chassis (suspension strut moves to lowest position)
  • Bend boom
  • Softbuttoms