Intelligent solutions for even more precision


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Intelligent solutions for even more precision

The machines of the future communicate actively and HORSCH Intelligence allows for it. With intelligent software and electronic solutions HORSCH machines work even more efficiently and help you to save money and nerves. Saving of operating resources, constant work quality, relieving the workload of the driver – you, too, can benefit from our ISOBUS licenses.

Touch 800 Terminal

  • Latest Touch technology – 800 x 600 pixel TFT-Dualtouch-colour display
  • Individually extendable due to APP&GO ®
  • 1 camera and USB connection

Touch 1200 Terminal

  • 12.1“ Touchscreen display with glass surface
  • USB connection for transmitting order data
  • 2 camera connections
  • Due to the layout manager can be used in portrait and landscape format
  • Landscape format: display of an application in normal view and up to 4 other applications in reduced view
  • Portrait format: Simultaneous handling of two applications in normal view.

Multifunction joystick

  • Comfortable handling via joystick. All important boom functions as well as the SectionControl can simply be selectec via the multifunction joystick.

Parallel Tracking

  • Uses corrected GPS signals
  • Identifies position of the machine and shows this information on the display
  • By means of an AB line a track system is laid that supports the driver with regard to finding the track
  • Recommended for pre-emergence treatments without track markings

GPS-controlled SectionControl

  • Possible savings: as overlappings on the headlands are reduced, savings on agents of up to 3 % can be achieved.
  • Section shut-off up to 42 sections is possible.

Order management

  • Order management and the use of application maps via ISO XML files are possible