Well-known operating concept

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Maximum power

due to well-known operating concept

Terminal versions with ISOBUS system

Touch 800 Terminal

  • Latest Touch technology – 800 x 600 pixel TFT-Dualtouch-colour display
  • Individually extendable due to APP&GO ®
  • 1 camera connection
  • USB connection

Touch 1200 Terminal

  • 12.1“ Touchscreen display with glass surface
  • USB connection for transmitting order data
  • 2 camera connections
  • Due to the layout manager can be used in portrait and landscape format
  • Landscape format: display of an application in normal view and up to 4 other applications in reduced view
  • Portrait format: Simultaneous handling of two applications in normal view.

Multifunction joystick

  • Comfortable handling via joystick. All important boom functions as well as the SectionControl can simply be selectec via the multifunction joystick.

Parallel Tracking

  • Uses corrected GPS signals
  • Identifies position of the machine and shows this information on the display
  • By means of an AB line a track system is laid that supports the driver with regard to finding the track
  • Recommended for pre-emergence treatments without track markings

GPS-controlled SectionControl

  • Possible savings: as overlappings on the headlands are reduced, savings on agents of up to 3 % can be achieved.
  • Section shut-off up to 42 sections is possible.

Order management

  • Order management and the use of application maps via ISO XML files are possible