Our standard

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Our standard:

No hose is the best hose.

Distribution system

  • Optimal supply of boom, induction hopper, intensive agitator and inside tank cleaning
  • Only one hose for the entire boom width and one return flow hose for wash circulation in the boom
  • No deposits and easy cleaning

Induction hopper

  • Powerful injector filling
  • Pivoting induction hopper with gas pressure damper
  • Toolbar with coloured control levers
  • Upper and lower rinsing nozzles guarantee a whirl-like circulation for quick flushing-in of liquids. Also suitable for granulate.
  • Cleaning nozzle
  • Optional: induction tank pot made of stainless steel with more capacity and additional shock nozzle

Circulation system + nozzle cleaning

  • Circulation of the chemical solution through the complete nozzle tube as soon as the spraying pump is switched on.
  • Spraying fluid therefore is always at the nozzle, even with the spraying apparatus switched off
  • When switching on a section or the entire spraying line for the first time, the chemical solution is directly and in a well-mixed way available in the partial system or in the entire spraying system.
  • Prevents deposits and blockages
  • Enables simple cleaning: The suction side of the pump is set to fresh water – the nozzle line is thus flushed with clear water – then keep spraying for about 3 seconds to clean all nozzles.