• Leeb PT 280 Horsch product image

Leeb PT 280

New standard in crop protection

Leeb PT 280

Saves working time and costs

Advantages of Leeb PT 280
  • Self-propelled sprayer with large area coverage
  • Up to 36 m working width
  • Pneumatic nozzle switching
  • Stainless steel tank for long life and easy cleaning without leaving any residues
  • Cleaning system on the displacement principle for less water consumption and faster cleaning
  • Rotary pump with low wear and long life performance
  • Steel spray boom with positive-mode connections
  • 8,000 l capacity
  • 270 hp engine power
  • Approx. 0.8 l / ha of diesel consumption
  • Filling capacity – 1,000 l / min
Distinguishing Features of Leeb PT 280
  • Automatic headland control
  • Minimized spray line lengths
  • Distance-Control, Boom-Control fnd Boom-Control plus for optimal adaptation to any site contour
  • Spray boom with pneumatic cushioning
  • Mechanical axis drive for better traction on a hilly area
  • NIGHT-LIGHT at night for optimal spraying control
  • 8,000 liters can be refueled in 8 minutes
  • Leeb PT 280 Horsch product image - Extremely stable boom position
    Highly stable, wear-free turret guide. Extremely stable boom position, even when
    driving in very uneven tracks.
  • Leeb PT 280 Horsch produnt image - Aluminium protector provides reliable protection of nozzles, nozzle bodies and lines against damage
    Aluminium protector provides reliable protection of nozzles, nozzle bodies and lines against damage
  • Four-wheel steering for max. manoeuvrability
  • Higher efficiency - Performance proven value: Annual output of up to 25 000 ha

Leeb PT 280


HORSCH Leeb PT 280
Water-cooled motor MTU (Mercedes) OM 936
Power (kW/HP) 210 / 285
Number of cylinders / cooling 6 / water / turbo with intercooler
Displacement (cm³) 7 700
Nominal speed (rpm) 2 200
Max. torque (Nm/speed) 1 150/1 400
Control Electronic EMR
Tank capacity Diesel / AdBlue (l) approx. 420 / 25
Emission standard TIER 4 f
Gearbox type Hydroshift
Working range Field / on-road
Transmission Stepless hydrostatic
Speeds Field: 0 - 23 km/h On-road: 0 - 40 km/h / optional 50 km/h Top speed possible at 1,500 rpm
All wheel drive With permanent inter-axle differential and differential lock
Chassis / axles
Front axle FA Outer planetary axle, steerable
Rear axle RA Outer planetary axle, rigid or steerable
Suspension FA and RA pneumatic with level control and active side stabilization
Front axle Hydraulic
Rear axle Hydraulic-electric steering (with steerable RA), automatic centring and interlocking during road travel
Steering types Only FA / all-wheel steering / crabwalk / RA manual / via foot switch for headland
Brake system
Service brake FA and RA with integrated wet multi-disc brake
Parking brake Cardanic brake with spring accumulator, hydraulically operated
Hydraulic system
Main pump Variable displacement pump, volume controlled LS
Power (l/min) 200
Working pressure (bar) 200
Interfaces Pressure / return flow / LS signal
Optional pumps Steering pump (50 l/min) for RA pre-tensioned cooling pump (50 l/min)
Electric system
Voltage (V) 12 /24
Wiring CAN-Bus/ISO-Bus
Alternator (V) 14 / 28
Interface to superstructure ISO-Bus with voltage supply
Travel control
Electronic travel control
Load-limit control
Over revving control when braking via hydrostatic drive
Automatic swashing back of travel pump when operating the service brake
Acceleration pre-selection in 4 stages
Cruise control function
Automotive driving (speed only via throttle pedal engine speed and hydrostatic drive regulate themselves automatically)
Travelling with reduced engine speed (top speed at 1,500 rpm possible)
Front cabin with optimum view
Air conditioning / heater
Comfort seat with air suspension
Passenger seat
Travel lever integrated in arm rest
Radio with bluetooth interface
ISO terminal to display vehicle data and superstructure data
Tyres standard (other tyres on request)
Front axle VF 520 / 85 R 46
rear axle VF 520 / 85 R 46
Dimensions and weights
Curb weight (kg) Approx. 7 600 without attachment / 21 000 (epending on the tyres), approx. 11 000 with attachment
Max. total weight field (kg) 18 000 on 40 km/h / 50 km/h (20 000)*
Ground clearance (mm) Approx. 850 below axle
Wheel base (mm) 3 300
Track width (mm) 2 000 / 2 250 by turning over the wheels
Length without spraying equipment (mm) Approx. 7 200
Height without spraying equipment (mm) Approx. 3 000
Length with spraying equipment (mm) Approx. 9 000
Height with spraying equipment (mm) approx. 3 950
Total width (mm) Approx. 2 800 (depending on track and tyres)
Tank attachments
Tank Stainless steel tank welded from inside and outside with three baffle walls
Capacity of tank (l) 8 000
Fresh water tank Stainless steel tank welded from outside
Capacity of fresh water tank (l) 450
Towing hitch (optional)
Towing hitch Rockinger automatic
Towed load 16 t at 25 km/h / no vertical load
Compressed air brake 2-circuit brake system - automatic control when vehicle is braked by hydrostatic drive