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New logo and new machine design

HORSCH has prepared its Corporate Design for the future. This will also have an effect on all machines. They are the first to get a new, modern and clear design for the currently starting production year 2015.

With this new Corporate Design HORSCH prepares for the future in this sector. Different colours and designs with regard to material (steel and plastic) and to different products like plant protection and seeding technology made this step necessary to visually present HORSCH again as a strong and innovative brand.
An extensive survey among partners and customers showed that a revolution with regard to design was neither necessary nor wanted. HORSCH, thus, strengthened existing design elements and got rid of relics.
Red, of course, remains the central and distinctive HORSCH colour.

The letters of the HORSCH logo are less bulgy and a dynamic swing has been integrated into the logo itself similar to the one of the HORSCH Leeb plant protection sprayers. On the machines this swings directly open out into a new colour band which now is plain light grey and runs along the side of the machine. The product name is place above this band and is more clearly readable than before. The colour range of the different products, too, was standardised what is most striking for the hoppers of the seed drills and the sprayers. All steel hoppers of the seed drills remain red. The colour for all hoppers for seed drills and sprayers which are made of plastic is a standardised modern dark grey where the white-grey logo is visible in an optimum way.

Step by step the new Corporate Design will be introduced in all sectors – in communication, online media, for the dealers, for roadshows and trade fairs, for leaflets, training material etc.