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New Joker RT

5-8 m working width with middle chassis

The compact disc harrows of the Joker line have become an important mainstay of sales for HORSCH. This is why HORSCH in the new price list (valid as of October 2014) presents the revised Joker 5-8 RT.
It is ideal for shallow stubble cultivation to stimulate germination of volunteer crops, to interrupt capillarity, to mix in harvest residues and for shallow seedbed preparation.

The most striking innovation compared to the Joker RT classic is the middle chassis between the DiscSystem and the packer which brings about numerous advantages. On the one hand the weight distribution is optimum and jumping or building up vibrations in the field is prevented. The centre of gravity of the machine during road transport is near the axle thus guaranteeing a smooth and safe ride. On the other hand the middle chassis makes the machine more manoeuvrable and due to the larger attachment space allows for using a double packer. Depending on the requirements of the site 2 packer versions are available. First of all there is the double RollPack packer with U-profile rings (Ø 55 cm). It is very solid, suitable for all types of soil and even at high speeds remains resistant to stones. The interlocking packer rings support the self-cleaning effect. For heavy soils the farmer can choose the double SteelDisc packer (Ø 58 cm). The heavy steel disc packer provides intensive consolidation and crushing. To be used for seedbed preparation the new generation of the Joker RT can be equipped with a Crossbar in front of the disc section. The inclination/depth can be adjusted hydraulically and it provides an additional levelling.

The working depth of the whole machine can be adjusted with clips or as an option hydraulically. The DiscSystem with its 52 cm discs is serrated and thus ideal for aggressive working and excellent penetration into the soil. The discs are arranged in pairs and thus guarantee large clearance and passage for harvest residues. Soil adaption and stone protection of the Joker 5/6/8 RT is carried out via the well-proven and solid rubber bearing. The discs are equipped with an absolutely maintenance-free and low-wear bearing with oil filling.

Due to the middle chassis the spacing between the disc rows to the packer increases, too. Thus, the earth flow has enough time to calm down and is not thrown into the packer. This improves even levelling and guarantees operational reliability.

All trailed Jokers now are equipped with a middle chassis.