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New Horsch Leeb PT 280 sprayer at Cereals

Following its success at the LAMMA show, at which the BoomControl Pro system took top honours, Horsch will be displaying its new PT 280 self-propelled sprayer at Cereals 2015 for the first time. In addition, the recently launched Joker RT with levelling board and new TurboDisc coulter will also be on display.

PT 280 self-propelled sprayer 

Horsch has updated its self-propelled sprayer with new features to keep it ahead of the competition and meet strict new emissions standards. A 285hp/210 KW Mercedes engine now powers the new Leeb PT 280 sprayer providing a 15hp power increase over the PT 270, which it replaces.

The new 7.7 litre 6-cylinder turbo engine uses Mercedes’ latest AdBlue technology to meet the Tier 4 requirements. The radiator is now mounted horizontally and the radiator fan is now hydraulically driven and not dependent directly on engine speed. Due to customers’ requests, the road speed has also been increased to 50kph.

The PT 280 continues with a proven hydrostatically stepless-hydroshift gear unit and mechanical axis drive, instead of hydraulics motors, for better traction in hilly terrain. The award-winning BoomControl Pro system, close nozzle spacing, pneumatic nozzle control and an advanced cleaning system complete an impressive package.

BoomControl Pro

The advanced BoomControl Pro system offers an exact positioning of the boom, keeping it very close to the target area even at higher speeds and on hilly terrain. Developed in-house by Horsch, BoomControl Pro uses two fast acting air rams working in opposition to deliver very smooth boom movement. Gyros and boom-mounted sensors feed data back to an advanced proportional control system that counteracts virtually all yaw and roll.

Fitted to Leeb trailed and self-propelled sprayers, the system won the LAMMA 2015 top award, Best New Product or Innovation, as well as the Best New Product of Innovation (Mechanical – Crop Production Equipment) category.

Joker RT cultivator

The 6m or 8m Joker RT features a hydraulically operated levelling board that enables stubble and ploughed land to be cultivated with the same machine. The board comprises a row levelling paddles at the leading edge of the RT’s frame and adds greater flexibility to the machine allowing it to be used for stubble cultivation and then lower the levelling board to use the same machine on directly onto ploughed land.

The Joker RT features a longer frame to provide room for a double packer while more space behind the cultivation discs provides more time for the soil to settle. The transport wheels have been moved from the rear to the centre for a more balanced machine when moving on the road.

TurboDisc seed coulter

A new TurboDisc seed coulter has been developed for all seed drills with a double disc coulter, such as the Pronto, Express and Focus models. Key features of the new coulter design are the development of a new curved seed tube and a shallower angle of the Uniformer to reduce the drop angle of the seed. This results in a smoother and more accurate seed placement and more even seed germination.

The improved design also allows impact forces to be distributed more evenly for great reliability and resistance to wear. The development of the new coulter is now possible due to new advanced hydroforming manufacturing technique, a process currently used in automotive engineering and for the production of very high-quality bikes. Enormous pressure is used to press steel parts and tubes together into complex precision components.

In addition, the press wheel tyre is now softer and has a larger diameter, which prevents soil from sticking to the press wheel. The new scraper is slightly inclined and can be adjusted quickly and easily.