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Leeb PT 270 becomes Leeb PT 280

The successful self-propelled plant protection sprayer Leeb PT 270 gets a new motor that meets the requirements of the emission standard TIR 4 final. Thus, the PT 270 becomes PT 280. The new motor has 285 PS/210 KW and comes from Mercedes. It is a 6 cylinder turbo motor with 7.7 l cylinder capacity and a nominal rotation speed of 2,200 rpm. Instead of the 450-l diesel fuel tank of the previous model there now is a tank for 420 l diesel and 25 l AdBlue – the PT 280 thus meets the requirements of the emission standard TIR 4 f. The radiator is fitted horizontally, is oil-driven and thus does not depend on the fan speed.

The speed on the road thus increases to 50 km/h. With regard to the gear unit, for the PT 280,too, HORSCH continues to rely on the well-proven hydrostatically stepless hydroshift gear unit. In any other aspect, too, the successful PT 280 has not been modified after, this year, it has already been equipped with the new and award-winning boom control system BoomControl Pro.