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HORSCH with new products and innovations in the plant protection sector

HORSCH continues to go full speed ahead with regard to innovations and the product range in the plant protection sector. Since the foundation of HORSCH LEEB 9 years ago the company has developed into one of the market leaders in Europe. Plant protection has been a sales driver ever since. Due to excelling technical innovations like the prize-winning boom control system BoomControl and a lot of customer-specific adaption options HORSCH is able to provide every customer with the optimum product for his requirements. This year, the Leeb 12 TD that was announced at the Agritechnica show has been working in the field all over Europe for the first time. With this sprayer HORSCH enters the market of trailed sprayers with an extremely high capacity of 12,000 litres and extends the technology of the Leeb LT and GS to a new dimension. The Leeb TD is interesting for large farms, farms that have to cover large distances or for farmers who because of their crops require high application rates. It is equipped with an innovative tandem axle and a two-tank system that always distributes the load intelligently even on slopes to make sure that the traction at the rear axle of the tractor is always optimum.

If you also add the technology for mechanical population management like the new harrows Cura ST or the hoes Transformer VF for regenerative farming, HORSCH is one of the manufacturers with the largest own product range in the whole plant protection sector. Even if the share of mechanical population management surely will continue to increase – driven by social discussions and legal stipulations - traditional plant protection technology will still play a major role in professional farming. Thus, HORSCH can meet all the requirements of the customers.