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Horsch BoomControl Pro wins LAMMA 2015 Innovation Awards

Horsch has won twice at the prestigious LAMMA 2015 Awards. The company’s BoomControl Pro, system fitted to its Leeb trailed and self-propelled sprayers, won the show’s top award, Best New Product or Innovation, as well as the Best New Product of Innovation (Mechanical – Crop Production Equipment) category.

“As the UK’s largest agricultural machinery show, the LAMMA awards represent a high standard of technical innovation. The BoomControl Pro system has impressed sprayer customers since its launch and we are delighted to win these important awards, which recognise of the increase in productivity and efficiency that BoomControl Pro offers,” said Stephen Burcham, Horsch UK general manager. Mr Burcham accepted the awards from Johan Mattsson, Agriculture Manager at Swedish Steel and sponsors of LAMMA Innovation Award.

BoomControl Pro

The advanced BoomControl Pro system offers an exact positioning of the boom, keeping it very close to the target area even at higher speeds and on hilly terrain.

Developed in-house by Horsch, BoomControl Pro uses two fast acting air rams working in opposition to deliver very smooth boom movement. Gyros and boom-mounted sensors feed data back to an advanced proportional control system that counteracts virtually all yaw and roll.

The pneumatically proportional control allows for smooth movements, which guide the boom precisely depending on the deviation with the middle part of the boom and the outer wings are controlled independently. The result is rock-steady boom control across its entire length at less than 40cm above the crop and at up to 30kph.

A patented boom suspension uses a hydraulically spring-loaded and damped parallelogram designed to keep the boom close to the axle provide a stable boom platform.

The boom itself is available in nine different configurations and widths from 21m to 36m and features pneumatic individual nozzle control, which allows the spraying line to be equipped with a large variety of nozzle body combinations. The pneumatic nozzle control enables individual, intelligent application for an excellent wetting and penetration of the crop.