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Equipment novelties for 2015

Highlight: new TurboDisc seed coulter

In the price list for 2015 (valid as of October 2014) HORSCH has included options for numerous machines which the customers again and again have asked for.

One of the options is a special highlight – the new TurboDisc seed coulter for all seed drills with double disc coulter, i.e. all Pronto, Express and Focus models. After about 10 years HORSCH opted for a new and in the agricultural engineering sector highly innovative production process - hydroforming. The process is currently mainly used in automotive engineering and for very high-quality bikes. Enormous pressure is used to press steel parts and tubes together with a water-oil mixture into an optimum shape. In the case of the TurboDisc coulter this process allows for adapting the tube section in smooth transition to the occurring forces in an optimum way. This is, of course, in no way a degradation of the existing coulters. The advantages of this new process, however, are in the details. The inside scraper is more reliable and better adapts to disc wear. The seed tube section itself and its angle between the disc has also been optimised. The angle of the uniformer that fixes the seed in the soil has become more shallow, thus reducing wear and preventing that for example straw is dragged along.

Last but not least, the tyre of the press wheel now is softer and has a larger diameter, thus preventing the soil from sticking to the press wheel. The new scraper is slightly inclined and can be adjusted very quickly and easily in an individual way.

Futher novelties in the seed drill sector are a shut-off slide above the metering unit for all Pronto seed drills with single hopper and a bright LED work illumination for all Focus, Pronto DC and Pronto 8 and 9 SW seed drills.
In the cultivation sector the RollPack packer (diameter: 62 cm) which is ideal for medium and light soils now also is available for all Terrano FX universal cultivators and the compact disc harrows Joker CT.

Thus, 7 different packers are available for these machines to allow every farmer to choose the machines which is perfectly adapted to his requirements. With regard to the Tiger cultivators, beside the already known 16 inch packer there now is a large 24 inch tyre packer available which is mainly meant for sandy and light sites.

In the auger waggon sector the discharge tube of the Titan 34 UW has been extended to achieve a discharge height of 4.6 m. Moreover, the auger waggon is now also available with power tracks – a system that has already been used on the HORSCH-owned CTF farm AgroVation in Knezmost in the Czech Republic for two years.