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Comprehensive aid for people from the Ukraine

Already at a very early stage of the war in the Ukraine HORSCH reacted and sent two aid transports to the Ukraine in the first week of the war to help people on site with contributions in kind. HORSCH organised the transports and financed the aid supplies amounting to 230,000 €. Other companies from the region HORSCH is acquainted with also contributed aid supplies. The Ukrainian colleagues distributed the goods to the people directly on site.

At the same time a group of employees as well as their families and friends organised and financed a third aid transport. Due to this enormous readiness to help others a donation-total of approx. 20,3000 € was collected that was used for goods, a bus transport for our female Ukrainian colleagues as well as the basic equipment and financial aid in Schwandorf.

In total, there were 28 pallets among others with clothes and blankets, five generators, non-perishable food, sanitary articles, medicine and dressing material.

So far, we have accommodated almost 60 people from the Ukraine in Schwandorf, among them 27 adults, mainly women with their children. Moreover, we try very hard to take in more refugees resp. support people who want to take in refugees

As they probably will have to stay for quite some time, we want to accommodate them in an own flat. We are currently looking for and preparing the flats and are taking care of possibly required renovations. Moreover, we try to provide them with jobs at our sites.

To assist them further we together with the HORSCH foundation initiated a task force to accompany people to the authorities, to assist them regarding registration, flat-hunting etc. or to supply them with everything that is required. In this respect, too, many colleagues who are ready to help ask us if and how they can help. In the weeks to come the Ukrainians will attend courses to learn German. We are still looking for teachers.

“The commitment of our employees in Schwandorf who are ready to help still is enormous. They all are committed to helping the Ukrainian people. We are very grateful for this sympathy and support. It once again shows the team spirit and the solidarity of or employees“, the Horsch family comments.