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Leeb PT Terminals, operation and selection options

What do you expect from a cabin?

We visited practical experts to ask them this question. The answers were clear, but challenging. The working environment has to be comfortable. The user must be able to keep an eye on everything. The handling has to be logical, ergonomic, intuitive and flexible. These were the answers we came back with, accompanied by several other good suggestions.

One thing was for sure: A lot of new ideas result in a completely new cabin concept and for us an off-the-shelf solution was out of the question.

The newly designed armrest including an innovative joystick puts the focus on the driver and has been specially designed to guarantee a simple handling of the PT. The ErgoControl armrest was born. So far so good. But as one has come to expect from HORSCH, even the smallest detail had to be perfect. We thus wondered: How can we provide the driver with all important information and at the same time be flexible? This task was quite challenging.

To guarantee utmost flexibility, we first virtually decoupled the vehicle from the sprayer. The dashboard in the A-column is used for operating the vehicle. All important motor and machine parameters are displayed here. To ensure a maximum ease of use and optimum ergonomics, the dashboard is exclusively operated via the rotary-push switch on the armrest. Thus, the driver’s hand can stay close to all other control elements. You cannot only read off the most important data at the dashboard, but also adjust all comfort functions.

The menu navigation is simple, and the user interface is very clearly arranged. For example, several function keys on the joystick and on the dashboard can be programmed freely by the user via the rotary-push switch that is integrated in the armrest. You simply use the virtual display of the ErgoControl armrest in the dashboard, select the desired function and save it. Another interesting adjustment option is the headlands management. By selecting or deselecting different strategies for driving in the tramline or for turning can be defined quite comfortably. Among others, speed control and the respectively saved speed and all-wheel steering are available. Thus, the user can turn very comfortably on the headlands and at the same time preserve the machine and the plants.

The ISOBUS terminal, too, is located on the ErgoControl armrest. Due to the virtual decoupling of vehicle and sprayer mounting the sprayer is displayed as a normal ISOBUS attachment. Thus, you can choose from the wide range of ISOBUS terminals that are available on the market. For the machine adapts to the driver and not the driver to the machine. It is operated with the HORSCH LSB software we already know from the trailed Leeb models. The handling is very clear and intuitive. To complete the package, steering pre-fittings are, of course, available ex factory. You cannot only select the terminal, but also the suitable steering.

The new PT offers maximum comfort, flexibility and adaptability for the user and for your farm. Get in and find out for yourself.