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StripTill & HORSCH Focus (Part 2)

HORSCH Focus – soil loosening, targeted fertiliser placement and sowing combined in one pass

The Focus can carry out a lot of work steps in one pass. This makes the Focus a very cost-saving machine. But how do you find the right Focus for your farm? Depending on vegetation, rotation, soil and his own conviction every farmer has different requirements on his machinery. This post shows the variety of the Focus line.

At the moment the HORSCH Focus line is available from 4 to 7 metre working width. The first 3-meter Focus machines will be ready for the next sowing season. The available Focus machines are classified according to their working width: Focus 4 TD and 6 TD. Moreover, there are different Focus 6 TD with 3-point linkage and for large farms there is the Focus 7 MT which due to the HORSCH seed wagon guarantees utmost efficiency.

Focus 6 TD with 3-point linkage rack means that within a few minutes you can uncouple the cereal seed bar and attach a HORSCH Maestro. Different seed bars and different row spacings require different tine spacings for deep loosening in StripTill. The Focus 6 TD with 3-point linkage rack is available with a 30 cm, 50 cm and 75 cm tine spacing (some tine spacings exceed a transport width of 3 m).

There are various tine spacings and you can choose if you want to place the fertiliser depot in one or two layers. Thus, the machine can be used for a large variety of crops. If you only want to loosen the soil deeply and place fertiliser without moving much earth to reduce moisture losses, we recommend the HORSCH ULD point. If you want to loosen the soil deeply, place fertiliser in a targeted way and transport wet earth into the germination horizon, we recommend the HORSCH LD or LD Plus point which due to its reinforcement is known for a high hectare output and a long service life. 

On light soils, the optional Crossbar in front of the seed coulter levels small ridges and in addition removes organic residues from the seed row.  

With regard to the seed coulters you can choose between the well-known, third generation of TurboDisc seed coulter and the TurboEdge seed coulter for large row spacings. The tine seed coulter TurboEdge removes the residues of the previous crop from the seed furrow and thus guarantees a very precise and very shallow sowing of for example catch crops or rape in stubble fields. The double disc seed coulter TurboDisc is ideal for smaller row spacings in cereals or for sowing rape after an intensive preparation.

When it is dark, WorkLight allows for an optimum visibility of the field and of the machine so that the driver can always see what happens behind the tractor and can drill the whole night.

The large platform with steps and handrail allows for a fast and safe filling of the double hopper.

All these points show that every little detail of the machine has been well thought-out. It combines many work steps that contribute to increase the efficiency of the farm, to lower the costs and to optimise arable farms all over the world.