BoomSight – anticipating laser identification system to protect and control the spraying boom

BoomSight – anticipating and intelligent laser identification system to control the spraying boom

At the Agritechnica show HORSCH for the first time shows the BoomSight system that has been awarded a silver medal by the DLG.

The current standard for the boom control systems are sensors which record the distance to the target area about one meter in front of the boom and then react and adapt the boom to the terrain. The HORSCH BoomControl Pro system was awarded a silver medal at the Agritechnica 2013 and is available for the whole HORSCH plant protection range.

With BoomSight the field is scanned and recorded over the whole working width by means of a sensor system. Thus it is possible to adjust the boom in advance in such a way that the deviation is as low as possible. The Boom does not need to react anymore because it can now act immediately. For this purpose a laser scanner is installed on the roof of the tractor or sprayers cab which scans a range of approx. 20 m to the left and to the right, and approx. 15 m to the front. Based on the measured data a surface model is created that reflects the terrain including gaps, tramlines, or irregularities in the crop population or of the terrain. On the basis of this information the middle part of the boom, the inclination degree of the slope compensation and maybe the angle between the wings are adjusted according to the surface model. The measured values of the ultra-sonic sensors are still used for regulation and control purposes.

Application field:

If in a rape if there is a gap in the range of the sensor, e.g. because of a damage caused by wildlife or poor germination, a merely sensor-based boom would dive into the crop. The laser scanner, however, identifies the gap as a gap, the boom is guided automatically over this area.

Obstacles that protrude above the population, like for example well casings or power poles, are also identified by the scanner. Accordingly a regulation starts or a warning is issued.

In case of a well casing the lifting height of the boom normally is enough and the boom is simply lifted above it. If the obstacle is so high that the lifting height is no longer sufficient, like for example in case of a power pole, a warning is issued. The driver’s attention is drawn to the obstacle in the working area and he can stop in front of the obstacle or drive around it.

BoomSight will be an option for all machines with BoomControl Pro and it will be an option for existing machines with BoomControl Pro.

New generation MiniDrill – perfect for greening and catch crops

For the Agritechnica show HORSCH introduces the new MiniDrill generation. It is an in-house development with a lot of innovative solutions.

The hopper has a capacity of 400 litres of seed and is equipped with the well-proven metering unit of the Pronto machines. The only difference is that the seed is injected directly into the distribution system. The fan, too, is an in-house development and very quiet. These features allow for a very compact design of the machine. The MiniDrill is available for all Terrano FX three-point models (3 to 5 m working width) and for all Joker CT (3 to 6 m working width). Efficiency while sowing catch crops is considerable as only one pass is necessary for cultivation and sowing. Thus, the MiniDrill is an optimum solution for greening. It is in this sector that the machines excels as it is able to sow seed mixtures with different grains sizes without restrictions.

The diameter of the hopper opening is 380 mm and the seed rate up to 100kg/ha depending on the working width. For an optimum cross distribution the MiniDrill till with 4 m working width is equipped with 6 evenly distributed outlets in front of or behind the packer and with 12 outlets if the working width of the cultivator is 5 m or larger. The seed is placed into the cultivated soil and thus guarantees an optimum use of the moist soil. The MiniDrill is operated via ISOBUS.

HORSCH’s entry into the large market of spraying technology with a capacity of 4,000 and 5,000 litres

At the Agritechnica show HORSCH will present for the first time the Leeb LT with 4,000 and 5,000 litres plastic tank.

Thus HORSCH opens an attractive and large sprayer market for the whole of Europe. The equipment options for the Leeb LT are various. There are three different equipment lines. The boom control system BoomControl (keeps the boom steady even when driving fast on uneven terrain) which was awarded a silver medal at the Agritechnica show 2013 is standard equipment. The ECO model has the base equipment. The machine is equipped with a piston diaphragm pump with manual operated valves for suction and pressure side. The medium equipment models are equipped with CCS which is the the automatic inside cleansing system CCS (Continuous Cleaning System). The CCS Pro version is equipped with a modern electronic system at the suction and pressure side and thus is similar to the premium equipment level of the Leeb GS spraying technology.

The capacity of the fresh water tank is 500 litres.

Boom widths range between 18 and 42 m. The larger boom widths with more than 36 to 42 m are now also available for the Leeb GS.

A highlight of the Leeb LT is the ISOBUS operating concept. It is a HORSCH in-house development and incorperates of a lot of new and innovative function which will facilitate adjustment, operation and control of the machine. Part of it is the HORSCH nozzle switching with a nozzle spacing of 50 or 25 cm. This together with BoomControl allows for a target area height of 30 cm, thus allowing for an enormous drift reduction and optimisation of the plant wetting. With regard to the nozzle switching all combinations from 1-0 (every 50 cm a nozzle) to 4-2 (every 50 cm 4 nozzles plus every 25 cm 2 nozzles).

The optional steering axle of the machine uses its own gyroscope. Thus, the direct connection to the tractor steering via cable or mechanical connection is no longer necessary. You only have a connection to the tractor of the hydraulic system, road lights and ISOBUS plug.

The Leeb LT is equipped with Load Sensing hydraulics to relieve the hydraulic system of the tractor. Moreover, the underbody is completely smooth for plant protection with a ground clearance of 85 cm. For parking a hydraulic support leg is standard equipment.

SeedControl – calibration test is no longer required for all HORSCH seed drills

At the Agritechnica show HORSCH introduces the SeedControl system exclusively for all HORSCH seed drills – product lines Pronto, Express, Focus and Sprinter.

The development was a joint project of Müller Elektronik and it is exclusively available for HORSCH machines.

With SeedControl the time-consuming adjustment of the machine with the calibration test is no longer necessary. SeedControl constantly monitors the seed flow for every row, every single grain is seen and counted by the sensors. The result is a seed rate which is measured in grains/m² instead of kg/ha. The corresponding conversion is no longer necessary. Adjustment and monitoring of the seed quantity can be made comfortably from the driver’s seat via the ISOBUS terminal.