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Special paths of life with and among HORSCH 


From painter to photographer…  

Germany, near Gera. This is where we meet our colleague from the paint shop at our Ronneburg site: Axel, 34 years old and working for HORSCH since 2012. Today we would like to tell you his story. How did he come to know HORSCH and work there? How did he turn into a part-time photographer? And all that thanks to HORSCH... But let’s start at the beginning: 

“I did not know HORSCH but the son of my neighbour did as he worked at a dealer nearby. He sang HORSCH’s praises as a brand and as an employer.” Four times Axel applied for a job and in 2012 he was finally employed as a painter.  

Real hands-on mentality: “Everyone lends you a hand!” 

He came at the right time, for he was able to help with the installation of the powder coating plant. And not only just that: As it is typical for HORSCH, Axel helped out everywhere. “I partly also worked in the assembly department and helped building the machines. This was absolutely exciting. For this is how you get to know which parts you painted and where they will be mounted later.” 

Moreover, he had the chance to work some time at the site in Landau upon Isar. He supported the colleagues in the paint shop: wet painting, refinishing, preparing and whatever there was to do. “The connection to the other sites really is something special. I am very happy that I got that chance.” 

How Axel started photographing 

Okay, so far so good. But what has all this to do with photographing? To explain this, we have to go farther back: At our headquarters at Sitzenhof in Schwandorf we have an own photo and video team. But we do not only need photos and videos from Schwandorf but from all sites. Axel knew this and contacted our responsible colleague from the team. Christian gave his “Go” and Axel got started! 

And thus, his passion grew – not only for machines in the assembly hall but also for machines being used in the field. In his spare time, Axel was always on the look-out for HORSCH machines around his home. He always had the camera with him and as soon as he saw a machine, he caught it with his camera. Moreover, he took photos for various purposes, e.g. social media or leaflets.  

Taking photos as part of Axel’s job 

Due to Axel’s support the marketing team in Schwandorf can specifically ask for and use photos from Ronneburg. This takes some of the workload off the photo and video team. At the same time, Axel can develop his new hobby even further. 

And there is more to it than that. Axel invested more time into photographing and now is often asked to take photos of marriages. After he moved from the country into the city, he started to take photos of people and, thus, made a name for himself as a people photographer. And all this thanks to HORSCH. 

HORSCH as an employer that encourages talents #außergewöhnlichHORSCH 

Axel is a living example of how HORSCH specifically encourages the talents of their employees. A typical example from everyday working life. In the future, we will show you more of these examples. 

You also would like to have an employer that recognises your talents and encourages them specifically? That sees you as a human being and not as a number on the assembly line? Send your application via: