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Versa KR – technical innovations and a brilliant metering made by HORSCH

In the sector of agricultural machinery HORSCH offers the most different developments and innovations. Brilliant concepts and ideas allow for further developing the technology that has been existing in the market for many decades to provide the customer with an even greater variety and utmost benefits. One of latest machines based on this idea is the Versa KR.

The metering system is a particularly innovative feature of the seed drill Versa KR. The main focus of the mechanical seed drill is on the electrically driven metering on the countershaft. The SmartClip metering system is especially popular among machine co-operatives and contractors as it offers utmost flexibility with regard to the tramlines. Due to the individual connection of the metering devices, they can be changed individually and without any tools.

Thus, different row spacings can be adjusted based on 12.5 and 15 cm and the metering can be adjusted with a stop valve between the spacing wheel and the cam wheel depending on the seed the customer uses.

The capacity of the seed hopper of the basic machine is 900 litres. It can be extended in 2 steps to a total capacity of 1500 litres.

The electronic system communicates on ISOBUS standard. The control concept has been optimised for touch terminals and allows for an individual, personalised adjustment of the display options. The double disc coulter DuoDisc that has specifically been designed for the Versa line is equipped with well-proven components of the TurboDisc seed coulters and guarantees an exact and even placement of the seed.

Two different packer versions are available for the Versa 3 KR: a tooth packer roller and the trapeze ring roller. The latter is available in two different sizes. With a diameter of 50 cm, it is ideal for heavy soils with a high punctual consolidation performance. The larger trapeze ring packer with a diameter of 60 cm is ideal for changing soils from light to heavy that make high demands on the load-bearing capacity. Thus, the customer achieves a perfect seed furrow even in most difficult conditions.

As an option, the Versa 3 KR can be equipped with the lighting system WorkLight Pro which guarantees an optimal illumination of the metering devices and the machine even when working in the dark. The system can comfortably be operated from the standard terminal.