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Pronto principle – 3 steps to success (II)

Average reading time: 4 min

Seedbed preparation and precise sowing with only one machine in only one pass? Yes, it is possible! Our Pronto principle revolutionised the market and is the formula for success of our Pronto line. We pursue one objective: perfect seed placement for every single grain – despite most different seedbed conditions. We will reveal the details of this principle to you which basically can be classified into three successive steps.

Step I – Seedbed preparation

The first important component of the whole concept is the DiscSystem, for this is where the seedbed preparation is carried out. The soil is loosened, mixed and levelled. Due to their high rotational speed the 46 cm discs produce important fine earth.

In the area of the tractor tracks adjustable disc blade holders are available. The advantages are enormous: you only have to have individual discs work more deeply to remove the tracks. Thus, the horsepower requirement can be kept down as only parts of the disc harrow section have to work more deeply to remove undesired tracks.

The maintenance-free, in-house produced bearings of the disc harrow complete the sophisticated and extremely durable disc system.

Step II – Consolidation

The next step after the seedbed preparation is the consolidation with the tyre packer. The individual tyres are arranged on a rigid shaft and guarantee an even consolidation over the whole working width. Due to the spacing of the tyres there is enough clearance even on lightest soils.  

What are the tasks of the tyre packer? It guarantees deep consolidation of the loosened soil. But it is also responsible for creating equal conditions for every seed coulter and thus for every grain. One packer tyre is always followed by two TurboDisc seed coulters with a row spacing of 15 cm. This coulter arrangement guarantees that the seed is placed in the strip that has been consolidated by the packer and that there is a quick connection to the capillarity of the soil. This, in turn, is reflected in an even emergence which can be crucial for targeted chemical as well as mechanical crop care measures.

The tyre of the tyre packer is a HORSCH in-house development and due to its 12-layer design guarantees utmost stability, low susceptibility to damage and at the same time optimum consolidation in the seedbed. Farmers and contractors appreciate the tyres of the Pronto DC as they are low-wear and reliable.

Step III – Exact sowing

Wir befinden uns in der letzten Stufe. Hier geht es um den eigentlichen Job einer Sämaschine: die präzise Aussaat und Ablage des Saatgutes. Dieser Schritt erfolgt mit unserem TurboDisc Schar der 3. Generation. Diese wichtige Komponente hat es in sich und ist wohl durchdacht. Und auch hier gilt wieder: Wir wollen Euch noch nicht zu viel verraten. Nur so viel: Das Doppelscheibensäschar formt die Furche optimal vor, legt das Saatgut präzise ab und fixiert es in der Reihe, bis anschließend die Andruckrolle für einen optimalen Bodenschluss sorgt.

Now it’s time for the last step. It is about the actual job of a seed drill: precise sowing and placement of the seed. This step is carried out by our TurboDisc coulter of the 3rd generation. This important component includes a lot of interesting features and is very sophisticated. We do not want to reveal too many details, only this much: the double disc seed coulter forms the furrow optimally, places the seed precisely and fixes it in the row, the press wheel guarantees and optimum seed-soil contact.

Agronomic and economic advantages

Seedbed preparation while sowing prevents the seed from being placed into a soil surface that has already dried off. Important humidity stays in the soil and is available for the grain to grow and prosper. Generally, the Pronto principle saves passes and time and optimises them. Due to the low horsepower requirement and the low empty weight of the machine you can do with comparably small tractors what, in turn, has a positive effect on the fuel requirement. Due to high operational speeds and a simultaneous and exact placement of the components this machine is extremely efficient.

In part III you will learn which seed coulter is the perfect one for your conditions.