StripTill & HORSCH Focus (part 5)

Focus 7 MT – ultimate efficiency

The Focus 7 MT is the ideal solution for large farms that practice StripTill. The seed wagons of the 12000, 17000 and 21000 series allow for carrying along up to 21000 litres of fertiliser and seed. This guarantees maximum hectare output and low idle times. The massive frame and the solid construction of the Focus 7 MT have been designed for a long service life and a high hectare output. One difference from the Focus TD is the 2-row DiscSystem with its large discs with a diameter of 68 cm. This disc harrow is ideal for the intensive crushing and mixing of large amounts of harvest residues.

Two basically different equipment options are available for the Focus 7 MT. Version 1 is ideal for a deep soil loosening in stripes and the targeted placement of a fertiliser depot of up to 500 kg/ha. In this case, the whole capacity of the seed wagon is used for the transport of fertiliser. For version 2 the well-known loosening and fertiliser depot principle of the Focus TD  has been adapted to the Focus MT line, however compared to version one the Focus MT are equipped with TurboDisc or TurboEdge seed coulters for simultaneous sowing.

The packer versions also add to the variety of equipment features of the Focus 7 MT. At the moment you can choose between a tyre packer and a single RingFlex packer. The tyre packer is ideal in combination with following seed coulters as in this case the HORSCH tyre packer creates homogeneous conditions for each seed coulter. The RingFlex packer with its low horsepower requirement is a perfect solution for tillage combined with a fertiliser depot placement. As of autumn, a RollFlex packer will also be available. The self-cleaning effect of this packer in very wet conditions is excellent.

All HORSCH solid matter seed wagons are compatible with the Focus 7 MT. A total capacity from 12000 to 21000 litres, divided in a double or triple tank, covers all requirement profiles for an optimum layout of the components.
At the same time, a HORSCH seed wagon combined with a Focus 7 MT guarantees a very high manoeuvrability on the headlands despite the increased total length of the rig.