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Simone, the power woman from Brazil – her way to HORSCH  

A Brazilian from Curitiba: If she doesn’t like it anymore, she changes her life. Wants to advance. Wants to carve a successful career. But she never loses sight of one thing: her family! 

Simone is a real power woman! And HORSCH provides her with an optimum working atmosphere. Thus, she manages to create the perfect balance between a job she enjoys and her family that is very dear to her heart.   

But how did Simone come to HORSCH in the first place?  

Let’s start at the beginning…  

Simone started her career as a technical chemist in Brazil. Her main task was to test particles and paints. This laid the foundation, for the topic "paint" runs through her entire professional career.  

On with the career!  

In the automotive industry, Simone worked for a German car manufacturer for several years. This resulted in several stays in Germany. She was responsible for the preparation of the paints and their further processing, as well as for checking the quality of individual materials.  

Her career continued as a supervisor at an agricultural machinery manufacturer. Here she was able to demonstrate her skills as a manager. Simone was responsible for tractors and harvesters on different painting lines. She renewed processes and even established a completely new line.  

How private life changes the career path 

After the separation from her husband, she wanted to change her life and take a new career step. She ended up in Rio de Janeiro, over 800 kilometres away from Curitiba. As a quality manager, Simone was responsible for the newly built paint centre. She learned the additional knowledge required for this in New Castle in the UK and passed it on to her Brazilian colleagues.  

But the longing for her family that still lived in Curitiba became stronger and stronger. Initially, she coordinated a paint line in Sao Paulo, but there always was the desire to return home. Simone's first contact with HORSCH was at a HORSCH supplier in Caxias do Sul. Here, too, she set up a new painting line.  

Finally arrived – HORSCH takes her back home   

Welcome home - in Curitiba. Welcome to HORSCH. Her son is now grown up and studying. Simone takes care of her mother who lives with her and has some health problems. This is why it is especially important for Simone to have an employer who attaches great importance to humanity and family values. 

She has been with HORSCH since July 2022. The knowledge acquired during her entire professional career is very helpful for her job. And what is her job? Quite clearly: setting up a painting centre! 

For this purpose, she travelled to Germany to get to know the surface and coating centres at the HORSCH sites in Schwandorf, Ronneburg and Landau upon Isar. Simone took the know-how she gathered with her to the Brazilian site.   

Another important factor is the bond between the countries. The exchange at the other sites creates a special kind of bond among the international sites. The objective is to build a global HORSCH network that focuses on the exchange between colleagues. They get to know each other, appreciate each other and grow together. Typical HORSCH...  

Impressions during her trip to Germany

But one question is still unanswered: 

Why did Simone choose HORSCH?  

For Simone, there are three good reasons to work at HORSCH:  

  • Trainings and learnings from Germany as well the establishing of processes. The pragmatic solving of problems that might occur.   
  • The team spirit among the colleagues and the familiar atmosphere.  
  • The corporate philosophy and the concept advocated at HORSCH.   

You also want to become part of the international HORSCH team?