Landau and Oberpöring

Landau und Oberpöring

HORSCH and LEEB founded HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH, headed by Theodor Leeb as a managing director. A close cooperation between the companies has been existing for a long time. During the last 16 years many projects have been discussed, developed and implemented jointly.

At the beginning they built prototypes for HORSCH to be used in the agricultural sector. In 2004, this led to the development of an own LEEB crop protection technology. In the meantime the cooperation between HORSCH and LEEB has intensified - as a new international force in the crop protection sector with the know-how of  two strong partners who effectively combine their experiences from different agricultural sectors.

Currently about 150 people are employed at the plant protection production site in Landau/Isar (Bavaria) which has enough potential for a future growth of HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH. In Landau, the sprayers Leeb 6 GS, Leeb 8 GS and Leeb 270 PT are built and tested on a test track that meets the strict requirements of the German Agricultural Society (DLG).


HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH
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HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH
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