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HORSCH Rus is the official representative of Horsch Maschinen GmbH in Russia. This subsidiary of HORSCH, which was registered in March 2010 and located in Roshinsky, Chaplygin district of Lipetsk region, was established to support and develop a wide dealer network in Russia and to better take care of the needs of numerous clients of the firm in many regions of the Russia.

To improve the skills of our dealers, a variety of educational events are regularly hosted by HORSCH Rus in Roshinsky. For this purpose, a wide range of HORSCH tillage and seeding machines is always available on a specially created exhibition and demonstration site. Various workshops and field days are also carried out here for the potentials customers or the ones that already made their choice.

At the same time, HORSCH Rus serves as a central specialized HORSCH service center in Russia. Also, the brand new modern storage terminal that meets all the necessary technical requirements makes it possible to quickly supply the spare parts to dealers and customers of the company in any part of the country. These not easy tasks tasks are performed by 15 highly skilled and motivated employees. Here, in the Lipetsk region, HORSCH tillage and seeding machines of the highest quality are assembled using both imported and Russian components. This step makes the HORSCH technology more accessible for many thousands of Russian clients.

The distribution and after-sales-management is organized via a broad dealer network that covers approximately 15 dealers servicing the area from Kaliningrad to Blagoveshchensk.

In order to demonstrate the practical benefits of the new HORSCH technology to potential clients and representatives of the company administration, the „TerraHORSCH“ Field Day was hold in Roshinsky on August 23rd.

More than 150 guests attended this professionally organized event. They came not only from the Lipetsk region and the neighboring regions of Central Russia, but also from the Volgo-Vyatskij, Rostov and the Krasnodar region, southern Siberia and Altai.

Chapliginskiy rayon
Lipetskaya oblast
399921 Russland

Tel.: +7 47475 25340
Fax: +7 47475 25341

Руководитель отдела продаж
Виктор Лоренц

Телефон: +49 9431 7143-9810
Мобильный телефон: +49 172 776 9662 / +7 915 852 5961

Контакты отдела закупок
Мария Горшкова

Руководитель отдела закупок
Телефон: +7 474 752 4613
Мобильный телефон: +7 903 862 13 05

Руководитель сервиса и отдела запчастей
Михаил Котельников

Телефон: +7 474 752 1194
Мобильный телефон: +7 910 252 1010