Farm la Lucine

Headquarter of HORSCH France Sarl

The farm la Lucine is located in Haute Marne (France), a major grain area between Champagne Ardenne, Burgundy and Lorraine. Manfred Dorsemagen bought this farm in 1965. In 1983 Mr. Dorsemagen purchased his first HORSCH machine, the seed extractor. At the same time Michael Horsch got acquainted with his present wife Cornelia. Since then no plow was used on the farm (320 ha, limestone and clay soils). Today, the farm is used by HORSCH for testing machines agronomic experiments.

In 2000, HORSCH France moved into the farm la Lucine. The French subsidiary is directed from there by Mr. Robert Dorsemagen. 40 employees work in sales, service and spare parts supply. The goal is quick and professional servicing of customers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Every 2 years HORSCH organizes Field Days in la Lucine. Apart from interesting lectures on current issues, the company’s innovations are displayed and offered for practical demonstrations. Seen as very appealing, such Field Days are highly approved and positively discussed by the visitors.

HORSCH France Sarl
Ferme de la Lucine
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