Exclusive HORSCH expansion pack for the farming simulator released

After a long-term partnership with GIANTS, the innovative developer of the Farming Simulator 2017, we decided to make it an exclusive one. The result of this co-operation is a so far unparalleled complex and sustainable project – the HORSCH AgroVation expansion pack.

  Thus, the users of the farming simulator can play on the original 3,000-ha-farm HORSCH AgroVation in Knežmost in the Czech Republic (near Prague). For HORSCH the project is much more than just a game. In the first step HORSCH will use the Mod Pack to train the own employees on the farm. But new employees, too, will be able to become familiar with the farming processes on the farm more quickly. The next steps will be to import real GPS data from the tractors and the HORSCH machines into the game to simulate in the future how for example the plant will develop with different sowing periods.  


No need to look elsewhere anymore! The contents of the Agritechnica exclusive HORSCH AgroVation expansion DVD are now available for free on the ModHub for PC and Mac.
We're also working hard to bring it to PS4 and Xbox One in the very near future!