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Joker PT

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Joker PT

The Joker PT series is a clever alternative to vertical tillage concepts and can be used for either primary or secondary tillage applications. It creates a consistent and uniform seedbed soil structure that is ideal for planting as well as aggressive residue sizing and thorough mixing with soil for accelerated residue decomposition. It has superior performance for incorporating fertilizer, weed kill, field conditioning, and quick precise tillage. The primary advantage with the Joker PT series is the excellent floatation for soil preparation in less than ideal conditions.

Uniformity and Consistency

Blade angle and mounting design that ensures consistent soil engagement and provides uniform working action across the machine. Consistent thorough horizontal fracture for uniform soil structure, level
working horizon, and uniform mixing of sized residue and soil – foundations of an optimum seedbed. Uniform soil working action that maximizes efficacy of pre-emerge herbicides, thorough incorporation of
granular fertilizers and manure while providing optimum seedbed soil structure.

Residue Utilization

Maximize the agronomic benefits of post-harvest residue by promoting accelerated decomposition. Intense residue sizing provides more “open doors” for soil bacteria and fungi to initialize the residue  decomposition process. Unlock the nutrient and organic matter values remaining in post-harvest residues to benefit the nutritional needs of future crops. Promote healthy crop environment by rapidly decomposing residue that harbor pathogens and dangerous pests.

Advantages of Joker PT

  • Tillage depth settings are easily adjusted with the in-cab iDepth Control System to suit changing field conditions.
  • The hydraulically adjustable Roll-Cage finishing system breaks up clumps while leveling soil for field conditioning and rubber mounted torsion disc arms are maintenance free and allow blades to float over foreign field objects to prevent damage.
  • Joker PT has rugged 20 inch notched blades set on a 17 degree angle to insure thorough horizontal fracture of the tillage zone while intensively mixing soil/residue.
  • This concept design with its larger tires maximizes footprint throughout while insuring consistent tillage performance in less than satisfactory field conditions.


The ability to work in variable field conditions during the tillage season maximizes efficiency of seedbed preparation and cultivation when needed. Choose to use the RollCage for field finishing or lift hydraulically when not needed. Large floatation tires keep machine from sinking in soft soils to maintain proper working depth. Change depth settings from inside the cab with the ISO-Depth Control System. The Joker PT series provides versatility in performing quality tillage in a wide variety of soil types and less than ideal conditions.


Working Width28 ft 4 in38 ft 4 in
Transport Width15 ft 4 in18 ft 10 in
Transport Height13 ft 2 in15 ft 8 in
Weight18,500 lb21,500 lb
TiresTitan, 15-19.5 NHS 16 HD2000 SB TLTitan, 15-19.5 NHS 16 HD2000 SB TL
Number of Discs6892
HitchingDraw Bar CAT IV or CAT VDraw Bar CAT IV or CAT V
Power Requirements300 - 400 hp450 hp +
Finishing SystemRoll CageRoll Cage
Independent Lift SystemYesYes
Hydraulic Down Pressure SystemYesYes
iDepth Cab-Based Depth ControlYesYes
Disc Diameter2020
Disc Thickness0.25 in0.25 in
Blade Spacing10 in10 in


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