• Express KR - Active tillage with rotary harrow Kredo

Express KR

Active tillage with rotary harrow Kredo

Express KR

Rotary harrow Kredo can also be used solo

What are the outstanding features of the Express KR?
  • The Express KR is the first pneumatic HORSCH three-point seed drill with an active tillage tool: the integrated rotary harrow Kredo
  • Even under difficult conditions it allows for an intensive seedbed preparation
  • The rotary harrow Kredo has 10 rotating tools on 3 m working width
    • With quick-change tines it can be equipped with drag or TerraGrip tines
    • Fine-step adjustment of the working depth of the rotary harrow and the levelling bar
  • Several packer versions are available
    • The tooth packer roller with a large diameter of 64 cm is ideal for all conditions
    • The trapeze ring packer has a diameter of 50 cm for a target strip consolidation in front of every seed coulter
    • FarmFlex packer with a diameter of 54 cm is ideal for medium soils with little cohesion (only avaialble for Express 3 KR


Distinguishing Features of Express KR
  • Available with single or double hopper
  • Hydraulic depth adjustment with AluClips
  • Special frame thereby the adjustment of the power harrow does not affect the sowing depth
  • TurboDisc seed coulters can be lifted completely hydraulically
  • Seed unit can easily be uncoupled from the power harrow via only 4 fixing points to be able to use the Kredo solo
Express 4 KR now is also available as a folding version
  • With a transport width of max. 3 metres it can be used very flexibly
  • The technical equipment is similar to the Express 3 KR
  • equipped with either the trapeze ring roller or the tooth packer
  • 14 rotors guarantee a perfect seedbed preparation
Optimum weight distribution with Partner FT
  • For an optimum weight distribution the folding power harrow with levelling bar has been combined with the Partner FT – a hopper with a capacity of 1 600 litres.
  • The compact design of the FT allows for a good visibility towards the front. At the same time the feed opening is rather large for a quick filling with a front loader or a telescopic handler.
  • Additional weights are available as an option to charge the Partner FT (dead weight 700 kg) with an additional weight of 360 kg. Thus, the tractor is balanced in an optimum way even if the front hopper is empty.
  • For an optimum conservation of the soil and consolidation the front hopper can be equipped with an intermediate packer – a RollPack packer with 280 kg or a tyre packer with 350 kg.
  • The double venturi at the metering device allows for an electric half-width shut-off to reduce overlappings. In combination with SectionControl an automatic half-width shut-off via GPS is possible, too.
TurboDisc for perfect seed placement
  • The DoubleDisc seed coulter that HORSCH has been using and developing convinces by its precise seed placement.
  • The presswheel-controlled coulter design allows a quick adaption to the soil at high speeds. This is the only way to keep up the placement depth for every single grain of seed.
  • The DoubleDisc seed coulter with maintenance-free bearing opens the soil and thus allows for an undisturbed seed placement. The integrated uniformer guarantees a fixing of the seed at the bottom of the seed furrow even at high operational speeds.
  • A carbide coated scraper keeps the area between the discs clean and prevents blocking even in cohesive and wet conditions.
  • The 5- or 7.5-cm-wide press wheel guarantees optimum seed-soil contact and an exact depth control.
  • In addition to the excellent adaption to the soil the TurboDisc seed bar impresses by its easy handling: coulter pressure and sowing depth do not influence each other when being adjusted.
  • The maintenancefree rubber bearing of the seed coulters transfers a coulter pressure of 120 kg and thus guarantees a smooth coulter – at an operational speed of up to 20 km/h.
  • Moreover, the rubber bearing acts as an overload protection and shock absorber for stones.
  • Horsch product image - Express KR3 rotary harrow
    Express KR3 rotary harrow
  • Horsch product image  - Exact seed placement even at high speeds
    Active tillage with rotary harrow Kredo
  • Horsch product image - Express KR3 rotary harrow solo
    Express KR3 rotary harrow solo
  • Horsch product image - Express KR3 TurboDisc precision coulters
    Express KR3 TurboDisc precision coulters

Express KR


HORSCH Express 3 KR 3,5 KR 4 KR rigid4 KR    
Working width (m) 3,00 3,50 4,004,00    
Transport width (m) 3,00 3,50 4,002,98    
Filling height (m) 2,08 2,00 2,00Partner FT    
Length without / with PE marker (m) 2,85 / 3,25 2,85 / 3,25 2,85 / 3,253,00 / 3,40    
Weight approx. (kg)* 3 200 3 500 3 8504 200    
Seed hopper capacity single hopper (l) 1 500 1 500 1 500Partner FT    
Dimension of feed opening (m) 0,93 x 2,40 0,93 x 2,40 0,93 x 2,40Partner FT    
Seed hopper capacity double hopper G & F (l) 2 000 (45:55) 2 000 (45:55) 2 000 (45:55)Partner FT
Dimension of feed opening (m) 0,93 x 2,40 0,93 x 2,40 0,93 x 2,40Partner FT
No. of seed coulters 20 24 2828    
Seed coulter pressure (kg) 5-120 5-120 5-1205-120    
Seed coulters/press wheels Ø (cm) 34 / 32 34 / 32 34 / 3234 / 32    
Row spacing (cm) 15 14,50 14,25 (14,50)14,50    
Packer Ø (cm) trapeze ring roller 50 50 5050 / 60    
Packer Ø (cm) tooth packer 64 64 6464    
Packer Ø (cm) FarmFlex packer  54 --- ------
Number of rings 10 12 1414    
Working speed (km/h) 6 - 13 6 - 13 6 - 136 - 13    
Power demand (kW/hp) 110-185 / 150-250 129-185 / 175-250 147-185 / 200-250147-185 / 200-250    
Double-acting control devices 2 (+1 bout marker) 2 (+1 bout marker) 2 (+1 bout marker)1 (folding), 1 (bout marker), 1 (coulter pressure – SA)    
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1 1 1Partner FT    
Oil quantity, hydr. fan (l/min) 20 - 25 20 - 25 20 - 25Partner FT    
3-point tool hitch 3-point Cat. III 3-point Cat. III 3-point Cat. III3-point Cat. III    

* Weights of the machines with minimum equipment




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